Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year Post.........

This will be my last post of this year and another year had come and gone in a blink.And the same old speculations about resolutions has started all over again.Well the fact is I have stopped taking new year resolutions from my 7th grade,after all most of this resolutions never seem to last for more than week [atleast for me].Whats more important is that we make sure that the next year is always better than the previous ones and I can say on a high note that the way my life has taken shape,every year always had a upbeat curve and ofcourse with some variations in slope.
And well this year has been a mixed one for me with lots of pats and kicks.The most highlighting part was my first job , o boy what a feeling it was ,it was the most hyped event of the year and getting it in my very first interview was certainly lot special for me.And whats more I started this blog page in feb of this year with some degree of initial reluctance at first, but when one my post was featured in top 100 blogs of astrological news source,it was really mesmerizing to see the RSS feed of my post there.And if I say that I felt good it would certainly be the most severe kind of understatement I have ever made in my life.[click here to see the listing..]
The jolt of year the came when my sixth sem results were out,an arrear in antenna , and whats more it happened a day before my birthday making it one of the most gloomiest one I have ever celebrated.Lots of comforting words from all around, desperately trying to lift my spirit up and of course without them, days would have been certainly nothing short of hell.Finally,I did clear it on revaluation,please for heaven sake don`t ask me how I felt,it felt as though I am surfacing the ocean after spending six weeks in the pulverizing pressure of the "Marina Trench".
As far as the competitions are concerned I cashed up Rs.2500 in all those symposiums stuff,won some four quizzes,my first block and tackle and competitions I never thought I could win even in my dreams.[I am talking about that kitchen chronicles,only heavens know what we played there, may be thats what we call heavenly music:)].
My project team and My guide did add some garnishing touch to the year,it feels good to have such a optimal team,and ofcourse it was nothing short of a out of the blue fortune.But whether it be a pat or kick the best part is all this forces have just pushed me to my better side ,so honestly speaking I really don`t have any regrets at all about the year.
As I predicted this year was indeed a very interesting one with lots of spice and my prophecy tells me the next one is going to be still more interesting .The outcome of my project ,thats going to be the first arrow out of my bow next year ,the fare well,the parting and getting drenched with all those heavy emotions is all set here.I wonder how I am going to handle all those things and but the fact is I surprise myself lots of times , so those things are on the pipeline.I need some tinkering work with my social skills and one of my best pals has promised to help me out on this aspect.And of course definitely I want to find time to write more post on my blog page.
Personally and professionally it going to be a very important year for me,reinforcing my place in the society ,getting my first feel of professional life ,all this thing does sound a little chilling,but in any way things has to be taken head on,there is no bypass for all this.But certainly i don`t want to make you conscious about your level of anxiety disorder by blabbering my anxieties.
So my big heartful thanks to all readers of my blog page for making it a successful one .Guys your comments really amplified my excitement several folds.So have great year ahead, hope all your wishes and dreams come true ,never let your frustration take over you,patience and perseverance can take you to great distance.[ Quite Obviously ,it applies to me as well:)]

"Wish You A Very Happy And Eventful New Year".

Wishing you the very best in life this New year,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Haunted By Human Hollowness......

I was taking a walk across the shop glancing at their bookshelves and most cannily I stumbled upon something and fell over and the entire volume of books in the shelf fell over me. An old lady in her early fifties came to my rescue, She helped me stand on my feet and I thanked her.She introduced herself to me as a fortune teller and asked me this flabbergasting question.."Is this your first time as Human..?".

This was a clipping of a unknown movie I was watching the other day as I was irritatingly browsing through some of the TV channels.

This is exactly what I feel some times...."Is this my first time as human"?..Its not that I stumble in a bookstore often[and of course I have stumbled in some most awkward situations],its about the entire perspective of life.Every day looks so new,every time I look at a fellow human I see in him the complex characteristic of his species unique to its nature.I try so hard to fall in line with him and kind of try to adapt to his nature not because of fear of rejection but to identify my self as one among them, after all even I am called as "Human".
And whats more haunting than the uncertainty of human life,you have no say over the past and no control over the future and you live the present repenting about the past and hoping for the future.The breed of humans had grown so complex there is nothing called to be instinctively human , except for eating or sleeping.Everything thing is so tailored and every behavior is so unpredictable.
There is one section of people ever partying and enjoying every aspect of life to the extent that they abuse themselves and there is this section of society weeping and hoping tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

What made me to be born in this circumstance where I am given education,food,love,shelter and all so called luxuries of life and what made him to be born their, roaming the streets with tattered clothes, no one to care and not aware of the worth of his own human life.If he were to be put in my shoes,who knows this person who does`t even care about himself might have done far better in life then me.But whats the point what made him to be in that dimension of life..Fate or Karma..? . Should I consider myself that I am blessed to be here this way or should I boast my fortune that thankfully I was`t there.

With rains pouring down in from the pitch dark sky, with freezing cold winter ,you have a cozy bed under a roof to sleep , while a person of your own age with no mistake of his,desperate to find a fragment of shade to escape the harsh nature with his heavy sleep laden eyelids.If you are a believer of reincarnation whats the guarantee that you will retain your current comfort of life or go better.Can feel you the haunt with me,can you image your self as one among the destitute,it would`t have have taken much for you to be in their place.

Every time when I see people so opaque to the pain,suffering and hollowness ,I wonder why don`t they realize this phobic words could be part of their lives too,its not a threat but its the ground reality,if it can happen to them,it may well happen to you as well,may be today ,tomorrow or a century later.
Its the same feeling that haunts me and make me say,"Never take anything in life for granted".

Living in this haunted place with you,

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Please Draw A Line...........

It feels nice to come out of a hibernation,but you should note that while I was hibernating from my blog page I was fighting a fierce battle with my exams and the battle is not yet over and there is a week`s gap for the next one so I thought of sneaking in a post here.

Last month when Sunitha Williams visited India she was given a heroic reception by our double standard politicians and the Gujarat government even went to the extent of giving her a state honor, to a person who has almost nothing to do with a country except her so called "Ethnicity". We Indians take too much of pride in achievements of our people and that nature of ours is what makes us to be called as one the most patriotic countries in the world , but thats fine as long as the people whome we take pride are our own citizens ,who share your love for the country and take pride in being part of it.But here in this case taking pride in Sunita`s achievements as person of Indian origin is absolute insanity.
We need to realize that she a citizen of an another country and all her achievements and success belongs to them.Here I want to bring another quote by Mr.Aditya Mittal,son of industrialist Lakshmi Mittal says that his company Arcelor is not an Indian company and his company is global,its not even listed in Sensex and he holds a Indian passport but it makes no difference ,distancing himself from his country which has feed them and what we do ,include the Mittals in our list of billionaires.
The Tamil rebels fighting in sri lanka though on the basis of ethnicity,are as patriotic as any other lankan in the island,remember the cease fire which the Tamil rebels issued during the 96 world cup when the sri lankans were playing the Australians in the final.The war in sri lanka is their own internal affair and every rebel feels more lankan on par as he feels a Tamilian.And what our honorable politicians in the state do, find some political assets by supporting and honoring people who have assassinated our prime minister.
Recently in the news was Pakistan recruiting a Sikh soldier in its battalion, a first .Now let me give you a hypothetical situation, if this soldier gets into higher ranks of the army and be responsible for capture of Kashmir,will you still appreciate his gallantry because the man responsible for it is ethnically Indian.
We as Indians so thirsty with global recognition that we tend to take pride in anything thats comes across our way,may be its because of centuaries of suppression caused by colonialism at different period of time.Its so pathetic that we talk so much about globalism and IT revolution ,but we still blind folded on the basic difference between ethnicity and citizenship,we certainly need to draw a line some where.
Have a look at multi ethnic countries like Australia and the United States there are no basic ethnicity for people of this countries,their people have roots in across Europe,Africa and Asia,in that sense the only thing that unites them is their citizenship.
But this kind of scenario is completely uncanny to us,we need a way to handle this kind of people and find a slot for them.We need to look at this people as global citizens or citizens of there respective country. we need to mature our thoughts to digest the fact that they no more belong here.
Which team are you going to support if you are an formula one fan,there you will find a Spanish driver driving for a German team managed by British engineers.Which is your favorite European club football UEFA team,people playing for Real Madrid may not even know to speak be Spanish. Why go to Europe ,lets talk about our own backyard [as I always do]which team are you going to support in the current ICL or IPL team.

You need to open your mind up ,its great to appreciate good individual performances and applaud their effort ,but how long we Indians are going to do that only on the basis of ethnicity.If we still are going to continue our stance on this, I am sure all this IPL and ICL stuff is going to be an utter failure in this country obsessed with ethnicity.May be I am going a little chauvinistic towards sports but the same rules apply in every walk of life and sports gives you one good example to showcase the situation.

With crossed fingers,

Friday, September 28, 2007

Mediocrity Sucks...

Its just around 8 months to go and then I am on my own facing the world as it is.Just having a little retrospection about all this 21 years of my stay here.Mediocrity has seeped into every walk of life.In fact I have feed up of being mediocre.You either be the best or have a hot or cold drink,lukewarm irritates my gut.I am really bored of this tag of "Jack all trades,master of none",atleast some point of time you need to master few of the trades you know.My academic life has not been the best,I have never ever got a first rank in my entire academic life[ which was my ultimate kiddish goal...].Its always my dream to be the best in whatever I do, but so far with little success.Time and again my confidence and motivation have been pulverized by many,but they cannot snatch my sole weapon and the most powerful of all,my "Self Belief".But then I am not too concerned about my past now,something which I could not have done much and most of it shaped by my destiny.Never mind,I am not going to gain much by brooding over the past,rather it will better if I learn from the past.
By biggest dream now, to get my professional life bang on target as I want it to be.I want to balance a lot of things in life,I don`t want to let any stone unturned.I want to experience every flavor of life.I am looking for a career which would not just be a job but a way of life, accommodating all my passions.One reason I wanted a software job is because in way a it would help me satisfy my ultimate passion in life,"Traveling".I can`t talk about it much here,it would run to pages,may be some time later in my future posts.I always prefer being a freelancer doing things at my own pace,I think thats when I can get the best out of me ,never mind I can also perform under pressure,provided I have passion for what I do.
Right now sitting in the final year class of ECE,with a mediocre does not speak much for itself. I know there are days in your life where you can do what you like and there are other days where you need to like what you do.But I am still waiting for my hay days, where my wish will prevail and everything I do will be straight from my heart with passion.I am gearing for my next scenario,which I hope will bring out the best in me and I will be able break the thick ice of mediocrity.

With dreams of passion,

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Safe Zone Of Agnosticism

It does not matter if you are an atheist or a theologist, "The god delusion" by Richard Dawkins makes good reading for every kind of person.One sole reason because it offers so many points to counter argue over both perspective of life.One interesting chapter which I felt worthy commenting was the lines of John Lennon in this book...
He writes about,imagining a world with no religion....
i) There would have been no 9/11 or 7/7
ii) No Crusades
iii) No India- Pakistan partition or Israel-Palestine
iv) No Concentration camps - killings branded as Christ killers
v) No witch hunts
The major contributor towards all this events relates to the deep division in the minds of people.And the question ,Is religion the root cause of divisions in minds of people?
If religion did not exists,had we been free of such atrocities?

Well let me present you another list of atrocities which has absolutely no relevance with religion...

i) Tamil rebels fighting in Sri Lanka -based on language differences.
ii)Another ugly atrocity-Racism which exists all across the world-and the reason ,just the color of the skin.
iii)Suppression based on economic status.
iv) Tug wars of politics in Africa and Chechnya.
v)For the next one if you are an Indian reading this you don`t have to look beyond your backyard-- the practice of casteism and caste riots which had virtually torn the country apart during the past century.

so what do we infer from this? Is Religion the only cause for division in minds of people?..There are innumerable causes,some which exists naturally and others created artificially to create a feel superiority among ourselves.Humans claiming themselves to be social animals have always preferred to stay in groups.And they need to find reasons to claim their group to be superior among the rest and religion is a obvious one.If they are of common religion they would go for races and if they are of common race they would go for ethnicity and if its common ethnicity they would go for casteism...and there is no full stop to this division.
The arrogance and pride of superiority always had existed in human mind and more in our genes.If religion has not existed we would still have found ways to divide ourselves. And the point is religion has only helped to contain this atrocities in some proportion. I am not trying to be theologists, but what i want to say is religion is not the only cause of a division in mankind,its just on of the obvious one we have used to divide ourself and create a platform to prove our superiority.

With straight agnosticism,

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Fairy Tale Ending.....

Finally after all that drama and traumatic five weeks ,the revaluation results are out and i have cleared my antenna paper comfortably. My faith has not let me down, and the feeling of relief is far from being expressed in words.And talking about faith what i can say about that strange coincidence..i got my my arrear a day before my birthday and made it the most gloomiest one i have ever celebrated and i cleared it a day before his making one the most memorable Janmashtami celebration ever in my life.

I thank every one who has been so supportive through one of the most difficult times of my life,if not them i don`t know how i would have coped up during those hard days.I want honour everyone who gave their unconditional support to me and boosted up my morale during those days, but what keeps me at bay is the embarrassment of leaving any names .All want to say is that these people deserve a special place in my heart and i am waiting for my turn to reciprocate what they have given to me.

These five weeks have made me more stronger in my life than ever a sense it has done more good to me than has made me cut down all those redundant thoughts in me and some good cautious lessons on the importance of foreseeing your life.I consider this as blessing from heaven and all i need to do is to capitalize on this rigorous disciplinary action enforced on me.

With damn flat humbleness,

Friday, August 31, 2007

Did I sight an UFO?

All this days whatever i have written in my blogs are straight from my heart and with no exaggeration or make ups...i am saying this now because what i am going to talk about now is something which almost everyone brushed it aside when i spoke about it to them.
I was some 7 or 8 years old then me and my family were on a vacation at moms home town in Vellore. It was some were around 8:00pm in the evening i and my cousins were having a fun time at a hall adjacent to the terrace of the house. The place in itself was very calming with a mountainous background.The rocks of the mountain were just about 500m from the house. You can feel the cold air gushing through your clothing with only the rustles of the coconut tree leaves disturbing the night`s peace.[ok..ok. sorry for borrowing that line from a ghost novel..let me comeback to something really serious]
And all of a sudden we heard a yelling sound from one of my cousins he was standing in the pitch dark terrace outside the hall.I really don`t remember the reason why he went there at that hour. May be to have some fresh air after dinner.All i remember was we all ran towards the terrace where he was standing.He pointed his hands towards the sky. And there it was a bright yellow light in the middle of no where .The light was of something like the shape of a kite.No one could really figure out what we were actually witnessing.We all stood in awe watching the one has seen something like that before.The light was not static it gradually began to move in one direction.From the intensity of the light i could clearly make out that it was coming from a far lower altitude .Please don`t mistake it for a aeroplane or something because what i going to say now is the best part of the entire incident.
The light hovered around the sky for sometime(nearly two or three minutes ) and to all our astonishment it vanished all of a sudden with no clue.No one really discussed the incident after and I was too young at that age to dicipher anything,but the incident was deeply carved in my memory.
Some seven-eight years passed by and the incident was almost out of my mind i hardly thought about it any time.I was at my grandfather`s house during a weekend when a found a book on flying saucers on my uncle`s table.The book was in Tamil "Parrakum Thatugal" (Flying Saucers).I am not all that well versed in Tamil as was studying only Hindi at my school so i asked my grandpa to read it aloud for me.There in that book was several description of UFO(Unidentified Flying Object) sightings and research involved in that field and a spine chilling factual account of how scientist involved in the research of UFO were mysteriously committing suicides and getting mentally ill.
Then there was another fact which brought all my past memories back, a complete description of a UFO sighting by the author of the book.The description almost exactly matched with what i had witnessed.It also talked about some famous UFO sightings in Tamilnadu especially in the districts on Namakkal, Vellore and Kanyakumari."So all the UFO facts you come across are not restricted only to the western world ,things are well happening in our own backyard" claimed the author of the book.
After getting to read the book at my grandpa`s house i started following UFO sightings across the world.I have almost watched exhaustively all documentaries on UFO`s on discovery channel and i have read several books on the subject as well.And all this facts just reinforce on thing,What i sighted on that night was indeed an UFO.

I don`t know what exactly it was whether a flying saucer or some astronomical phenomenon as some documentaries claim.But what i saw was something really abnormal and extraordinary which you don`t get see frequently and very certainly something which is termed as UFO in modern terminology.

May be i would have remained a skeptic if haven`t seen a UFO ,but the term UFO is too clumsy to draw a conclusion.But whatever it was there is a lot of truth attached to all the thousand of UFO sighting reported across the world. But UFO predominately remains a western terminology because of lack on institutions keeping in track of sightings in in India.But certainly there is something common which several thousands people across the world have witnessed and lot more still skeptical.

With lots of skepticism,

Monday, August 6, 2007

I Believe In Astrology Not In Astrologers...

Note:[This blog has been featured among top 10 blogs in astrology news source]

Yesterday i went to the temple on the eve of Saturn transiting from cancer to Leo.If u ask me if all this myths about planets and its transition really makes sense....well i can offer u a explanation...This was a thought i was talking about in my general seminar during my 5th semester.
i hope u might be aware of the word "lunatic" which literally means being mad or madness...There is a interesting story for the origin of the comes from the word "Lunar"..which translates to moon..there is strong evidence that the lunar cycles have considerable affect on people in metal asylum..people in mental asylum have been noted to abnormally agitated on full moon days when the moons gravitational force is felt maximum on earth.

My question is when a small body like the moon which has only one third of the gravitational field of earth can have so much of effect on the human about planets like Jupiter or Saturn whiuch have more than 10 times the gravitational force of earth...

Its a well known fact that gravitational force though considered weakest among all types of forces have the longest range of influence..[millions of miles..]
Its also true that planets like Jupiter and Saturn have protected us from catastrophic meteorite calamities by their massive gravitational fields .

So when a small satellite like moon which has only a fraction of gravitational force compared to Saturn or Jupiter can have so much of effect on the human mind how about the force exerted by such massive planets.

Certainly..there is a unexplored field of science..which combines advanced pychology and astrophysics .

Early days of childhood especially during first few days of the child birth or more when than baby is in the womb is an is the most important period when various electrical connection between neurons in the brain take place...with this proven fact of effect of gravitational force on human mind its very likely that gravitational forces may influence neuron connections thereby affecting mental development of the child,like low IQ.
If a good scientific study is conducted based on IQ levels and time of birth of the child certainly we can hope for some results if analyzed with an open mind.

what i don`t agree with is the extent to which astrologers go in predicting things.. i wonder whether such accurate predictions are possible which describes a person life so transparently ..though civilizations in the past may have done detail study on this effects ....i am skeptical about the authenticity of such prediction made by modern day astrologers.The disbelief in astrology is mainly because of the astrologers who are`t as skilled to give such precise predictions .

Astrology is certainly a field of science which is often neglected by the western world.But if some serious research is carried out in this subject i think India with is ancient civilization treasures can provide astrology datas that can come very handy to prove several facts.

With birds spinning around my head,

Friday, July 27, 2007

When the going gets tough.....tough gets going

It is quite some time i wrote any blogs..... things are not at their best....

Last week was my birthday..the most memorable one i have ever celebrated,the most gloomiest one i have ever had in my entire life 21 years..i got my first arrear a day before my b`day and the paper was way it sort of embarrassment for me and people around me..

my confidence has taken a little a back step..but i have learnt a few very important lessons in life...lethargic attitude can be so very expensive...

my parents especially are very disappointed but what pains me is the unconditional belief they have in me.... i could not stand before my parents asking money for revaluation for i have never put them in such a embarrassment before...

the obvious reason my parents say is that i got lethargic because i got placed..
a very conventional thought.....but i could not convince them...

i am losing interest in my project and i am feeling left behind ...i just hope that revaluation results come and clear me of this mess...but i am mentally prepared for everything..i am prepared to take the entire blame on me...i am solely responsible for my destiny....
people tell me i may be able to clear the paper on revaluation....

i just hope that the worst part is over...i better learn my lessons in my life quickly and move ahead to a better side of least it had helped me remove all the redundant thoughts in my mind....

its time that i regain my identity , i need to define my self....i need carve my own niche .....

there is no better opportunity than this.....

some day things will be get brighter...and i will be oozing with confidence ,success and whole lot of bunch of Friends around me...i know that things are not going my way
but i believe in him,...him alone..and i am sure he will lead me to the ultimate goal..

some day i will be able to put the best show and be the best and there will be a day when people will look up to me....i am thirsty for success..i am longing for it for my entire life..... hope there will be a bright sunshine behind this dark clouds....

hope is life and life is hope.....

hoping for better tomorrow ,

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dan Brown`s -Da Vinci Code~~A Mesmerizing Novel

I had my first taste of Dan Brown novels during my 4th semester holidays.....apparently his all time best,the Da Vinci code was creating a huge sensation across the world...and controversy is what brought me to skim through his book. Well i am not that novel savvy person...i hardly read any novels...the reason is by the time i get to second or third chapter i lose patience..and eventually..i put it down.My reading habits predominantly consists of newspapers,non fiction books,quiz..etc...but always a strict no to novels...

So with Da Vinci what interested me was the controversial aspect of Christianity that was over emphasized by the media...was Jesus a really married man....being from catholic school this thing really caught my attention...and i started reading..the novel..
Hmmmm ..the first two chapters was very much with conventional crime novels i have tried but after that was all Dans mesmerizing script that got me addicted to the story...
well i won`t call Dan a complete fiction author...the amount of trivia and facts he brought into the story was awesome..

And any reader would easily lose the difference between reel and reality once they get into the novel...and i tried to use the Google search to verify the authenticity of this facts and information he uses in this book...and most them proved that this guy is no bluffer...he has done some sweating research to write this book...though the story line was fictional some the facts really are authentic and caused a stir..when dan brown made them noticable to the world through his novel...
For instance..the reference he makes to the Opus Dei..a orthodox Christian cult..which many people outside the US are not aware of..and in his novel he blames them of practicing..cruel physical abuse in the name of mortification..and when i visited their web page it virtually seemed to cry over this controversy calling the novelist claims as insane...

But whatever sane or insane what catches my attention here is the impact a fiction novel can make on established organizations like Opus Dei...
The trick brown has used is nothing but hide reel amongst the mist of reality...and a powerful way of impacting a readers much that many goverments decidd to ban the movie based on the novel...

Well the biggest drawback was though the novel was racy with lot of rational facts that will leave any trivia buff was`t something that could fit into a silver screen....but the attention towards the novel was so much that it tempted Sony to produce the movie...i wondered they would have ever produced such a movie...if it was a script by any rookie story writer looking for a breakthrough in Hollywood...and how about that huge amount of funding that went into promoting that movie...though Tom Hanks perfectly merged into this character of Robert Langdon.This was a story which is just not suited to be on screens.Its a surprise that a such major production company like the Sony could fall into such a pit.

But whatever i would strongly recommend Da any one who is reluctant to reading fiction because this novel is just not a fiction at all...Da Vinci has made me take deeper interest in Brown`s others works...

I have no doubt that Dan Brown will be a true trend setter of his time.....


Monday, March 5, 2007

Sweet Smell Of Success...

The day before the big day things were`t as good as I wanted it to be, I was in a very lazy mood barely able to carrying myself along. And jus as I finished my lab session I left home to take some time off so that I can prepare my resume something which hardly thought about until that afternoon...and with huge care and some deserving help from my dad I got my resume ready.....I realized that I did`t have any aptitude books or any other preparatory material to carry...that obviously describes my degree of preparation...and jus before I went to bed I was listening to my from the movie guru "Ay hairathe..."..a song that I have listen to nearly more than 100 times but still as fresh as I listened to it the first time...

And YES...I woke with a call from my mom...and got ready in a rush as usual...and reached my class at that default time of mine 8:10 ...and on seeing people with books in their hand busy with their last minute preparations and few busy arranging their certificates...boy I realized the seriousness of the situation jus then....and ..peolple debating on changing my nickname if i got placed ..may be"carri", well that sounds horrible..."coggy" was lot I was making my way to the auditorium a few tips from my senior on behavioral aspect with the HR ...hmm all of them sounding very artificial......
we were made to wait for some 45 mins and taken to the ED hall for the aptitude.. consisting of an essay writing and puzzle type questions..and and finally managed to finish a satisfactory essay on the topic.."your vision of India in 2020.."when I looked at the puzzles for a moment I felt the entire world spinning around me...I took a deep breath and started with first question and I had no idea of answering that one..that really didn’t help my momentum at all.... then I went to the next yeeeeees I got it this time...I got the next one as well..and by the end of time I felt I had done a decent job...and we went back to the auditorium waiting of the result...
The mean time we were shown a presentation about the caritor....and I was in no mood to listen to it...and of course I got a little excited when the slide on pay scale was put on...and finally after nail biting wait of 45 mins the result of the aptitude was announced...and I was place in the second group for the GD along with two of my classmates...and...I was thinking may be they are goona start after lunch perhaps it was just half an hour left for lunch... but ooops .....I was taken by surprise when we were taken to the adjacent classroom for the GD.
To my relief the interviewer declared it as an non- elimination round...and all we had to do is speak....after all that appreciation I got after that seminar on "Mind Matter Interaction" I felt it should be no big deal... but wait it jus proved my arrogance.... "should mobile phones be banned in colleges"...hmm that sounds a simple topic....well but situation was`t..
Never in my life I saw such wholesome group of ruthless people and for the next 2 mins I did`t get my opportunity to talk and booooy I was sweating I saw my entire life see-sawing and finally I broke my silence and blasted out with my groom voice for almost next 40-50seconds...and yes we all we selected for the next round, woooof !!!!!finally a sense of relief and we went to the canteen to have the lunch,.........hmmmm "sambar rice" not the best I have tasted ,but at that circumstance u get to hardly think about it and I returned back to the auditorium I could`t feel any better ...and looking at everyone preparing for the technical made it still worst....

someone called out my name and I confirmed it with my was my turn for the technical and I was waiting for more than 30 mins on the third floor balcony waiting for my turn and my stomach was`t feeling all that good at such height being a acrophobic.. I entered into the hall and my employer was sitting there and after that formal wish he asked to me to say a few lines about myself and I virtually emptied my entire orkut profile to him...and then the testing time..."what shall we talk about.. I mean technically.." said the employer with a sarcastic smile and the instantaneous answer I gave "Microprocessor".... and with few confusions apart the discussion was complete and he let me go....

Now back in the auditorium and hardly 10mins later I was called for the HR and some familiar scene... the same classroom as my GD ...and the questions.."Had Your Lunch??"..Yes sir..."What??"...sambar rice..."Where??" the canteen....for few minutes it was like almost answering to a army superior....and few minutes later he we switched to a lighter mood....he asked me about my family and the reason why I wanted to join caritor.... I gave a very animated answer.... " well we are done with you, if r selected you are selected welcome on board to caritor..otherwise .. you could try other companies "... Nice talking to you sir was my reply with a very acceptable expression....

And after a loooong wait of almost 3hours the results were alphabetical order....I was getting impatient....where is the name that starts with "K"...and Yes...."THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS" and I walked to sign my confirmation page, as if I had won a battle.....I felt very deserving...and whole lot of greetings from all that’s one day.. will never forget....My first job.......

Finally I want to thank everyone who has played a role in my success either explicitly or implicitly in whatever proportion it might heartfelt thanks to all and I will always be greateful to those people.

With a thankful heart,

Saturday, February 24, 2007

All That Begins Well Ends Well

Hare Krishna!!

..The tag word which i often utter within me whenever i start something new...

And today is quite a special day ... my first post in this mystic world of blogging.
Though I have been reading blogs for quite some time,
I always wanted my very own blog site where I can speak my mind out..there are so many things that goes through my mind which I always wanted to record ...but I have tried writing my daily diary but that does`t seems to work certainly needs a lot more commitment...
so I have taken up blogging to speak about all my past,present and future
adventures of favorites hobbies well as my other side ..something which is known
only to people dear to me.....

And that`s not the only reason,I think blogs also make a good self analysing tool..which i am in great need of in this hour...

so then I will try to reveal more about myself in up coming days..that`s it with my first post...
bye then...take care

with cheers,