Friday, August 31, 2007

Did I sight an UFO?

All this days whatever i have written in my blogs are straight from my heart and with no exaggeration or make ups...i am saying this now because what i am going to talk about now is something which almost everyone brushed it aside when i spoke about it to them.
I was some 7 or 8 years old then me and my family were on a vacation at moms home town in Vellore. It was some were around 8:00pm in the evening i and my cousins were having a fun time at a hall adjacent to the terrace of the house. The place in itself was very calming with a mountainous background.The rocks of the mountain were just about 500m from the house. You can feel the cold air gushing through your clothing with only the rustles of the coconut tree leaves disturbing the night`s peace.[ok..ok. sorry for borrowing that line from a ghost novel..let me comeback to something really serious]
And all of a sudden we heard a yelling sound from one of my cousins he was standing in the pitch dark terrace outside the hall.I really don`t remember the reason why he went there at that hour. May be to have some fresh air after dinner.All i remember was we all ran towards the terrace where he was standing.He pointed his hands towards the sky. And there it was a bright yellow light in the middle of no where .The light was of something like the shape of a kite.No one could really figure out what we were actually witnessing.We all stood in awe watching the one has seen something like that before.The light was not static it gradually began to move in one direction.From the intensity of the light i could clearly make out that it was coming from a far lower altitude .Please don`t mistake it for a aeroplane or something because what i going to say now is the best part of the entire incident.
The light hovered around the sky for sometime(nearly two or three minutes ) and to all our astonishment it vanished all of a sudden with no clue.No one really discussed the incident after and I was too young at that age to dicipher anything,but the incident was deeply carved in my memory.
Some seven-eight years passed by and the incident was almost out of my mind i hardly thought about it any time.I was at my grandfather`s house during a weekend when a found a book on flying saucers on my uncle`s table.The book was in Tamil "Parrakum Thatugal" (Flying Saucers).I am not all that well versed in Tamil as was studying only Hindi at my school so i asked my grandpa to read it aloud for me.There in that book was several description of UFO(Unidentified Flying Object) sightings and research involved in that field and a spine chilling factual account of how scientist involved in the research of UFO were mysteriously committing suicides and getting mentally ill.
Then there was another fact which brought all my past memories back, a complete description of a UFO sighting by the author of the book.The description almost exactly matched with what i had witnessed.It also talked about some famous UFO sightings in Tamilnadu especially in the districts on Namakkal, Vellore and Kanyakumari."So all the UFO facts you come across are not restricted only to the western world ,things are well happening in our own backyard" claimed the author of the book.
After getting to read the book at my grandpa`s house i started following UFO sightings across the world.I have almost watched exhaustively all documentaries on UFO`s on discovery channel and i have read several books on the subject as well.And all this facts just reinforce on thing,What i sighted on that night was indeed an UFO.

I don`t know what exactly it was whether a flying saucer or some astronomical phenomenon as some documentaries claim.But what i saw was something really abnormal and extraordinary which you don`t get see frequently and very certainly something which is termed as UFO in modern terminology.

May be i would have remained a skeptic if haven`t seen a UFO ,but the term UFO is too clumsy to draw a conclusion.But whatever it was there is a lot of truth attached to all the thousand of UFO sighting reported across the world. But UFO predominately remains a western terminology because of lack on institutions keeping in track of sightings in in India.But certainly there is something common which several thousands people across the world have witnessed and lot more still skeptical.

With lots of skepticism,

Monday, August 6, 2007

I Believe In Astrology Not In Astrologers...

Note:[This blog has been featured among top 10 blogs in astrology news source]

Yesterday i went to the temple on the eve of Saturn transiting from cancer to Leo.If u ask me if all this myths about planets and its transition really makes sense....well i can offer u a explanation...This was a thought i was talking about in my general seminar during my 5th semester.
i hope u might be aware of the word "lunatic" which literally means being mad or madness...There is a interesting story for the origin of the comes from the word "Lunar"..which translates to moon..there is strong evidence that the lunar cycles have considerable affect on people in metal asylum..people in mental asylum have been noted to abnormally agitated on full moon days when the moons gravitational force is felt maximum on earth.

My question is when a small body like the moon which has only one third of the gravitational field of earth can have so much of effect on the human about planets like Jupiter or Saturn whiuch have more than 10 times the gravitational force of earth...

Its a well known fact that gravitational force though considered weakest among all types of forces have the longest range of influence..[millions of miles..]
Its also true that planets like Jupiter and Saturn have protected us from catastrophic meteorite calamities by their massive gravitational fields .

So when a small satellite like moon which has only a fraction of gravitational force compared to Saturn or Jupiter can have so much of effect on the human mind how about the force exerted by such massive planets.

Certainly..there is a unexplored field of science..which combines advanced pychology and astrophysics .

Early days of childhood especially during first few days of the child birth or more when than baby is in the womb is an is the most important period when various electrical connection between neurons in the brain take place...with this proven fact of effect of gravitational force on human mind its very likely that gravitational forces may influence neuron connections thereby affecting mental development of the child,like low IQ.
If a good scientific study is conducted based on IQ levels and time of birth of the child certainly we can hope for some results if analyzed with an open mind.

what i don`t agree with is the extent to which astrologers go in predicting things.. i wonder whether such accurate predictions are possible which describes a person life so transparently ..though civilizations in the past may have done detail study on this effects ....i am skeptical about the authenticity of such prediction made by modern day astrologers.The disbelief in astrology is mainly because of the astrologers who are`t as skilled to give such precise predictions .

Astrology is certainly a field of science which is often neglected by the western world.But if some serious research is carried out in this subject i think India with is ancient civilization treasures can provide astrology datas that can come very handy to prove several facts.

With birds spinning around my head,