Monday, August 6, 2007

I Believe In Astrology Not In Astrologers...

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Yesterday i went to the temple on the eve of Saturn transiting from cancer to Leo.If u ask me if all this myths about planets and its transition really makes sense....well i can offer u a explanation...This was a thought i was talking about in my general seminar during my 5th semester.
i hope u might be aware of the word "lunatic" which literally means being mad or madness...There is a interesting story for the origin of the comes from the word "Lunar"..which translates to moon..there is strong evidence that the lunar cycles have considerable affect on people in metal asylum..people in mental asylum have been noted to abnormally agitated on full moon days when the moons gravitational force is felt maximum on earth.

My question is when a small body like the moon which has only one third of the gravitational field of earth can have so much of effect on the human about planets like Jupiter or Saturn whiuch have more than 10 times the gravitational force of earth...

Its a well known fact that gravitational force though considered weakest among all types of forces have the longest range of influence..[millions of miles..]
Its also true that planets like Jupiter and Saturn have protected us from catastrophic meteorite calamities by their massive gravitational fields .

So when a small satellite like moon which has only a fraction of gravitational force compared to Saturn or Jupiter can have so much of effect on the human mind how about the force exerted by such massive planets.

Certainly..there is a unexplored field of science..which combines advanced pychology and astrophysics .

Early days of childhood especially during first few days of the child birth or more when than baby is in the womb is an is the most important period when various electrical connection between neurons in the brain take place...with this proven fact of effect of gravitational force on human mind its very likely that gravitational forces may influence neuron connections thereby affecting mental development of the child,like low IQ.
If a good scientific study is conducted based on IQ levels and time of birth of the child certainly we can hope for some results if analyzed with an open mind.

what i don`t agree with is the extent to which astrologers go in predicting things.. i wonder whether such accurate predictions are possible which describes a person life so transparently ..though civilizations in the past may have done detail study on this effects ....i am skeptical about the authenticity of such prediction made by modern day astrologers.The disbelief in astrology is mainly because of the astrologers who are`t as skilled to give such precise predictions .

Astrology is certainly a field of science which is often neglected by the western world.But if some serious research is carried out in this subject i think India with is ancient civilization treasures can provide astrology datas that can come very handy to prove several facts.

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Karthick said...

thanks..hope u enjoyed reading my blog..

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Thats an analytical view posted by you.

Shruti Mukundan said...

I had to comment coz it my favvvv subject. me being a physics student and having astrophysics as a subject and having a keen interest in astrology, always wanted to analyse the connection between the two. you c my mamaji (uncle) is an astrologer (learned) and he comes in aaj tak on spl occations. i always have heavy discussions on this topic with him but the thing he always says is 'astrology is a science' its a science which involves precise calculations and it works if done in proper way! the reason why this subject is made mockery about is coz of the ignorance in people and coz of those who exploit this ignorance.

n yeah congrats on being featured in the top ten astrology blogs! :)

SSN said...

Being practical and taking life as it comes is the best strategy rather than searching for a true astrologer!