Friday, September 28, 2007

Mediocrity Sucks...

Its just around 8 months to go and then I am on my own facing the world as it is.Just having a little retrospection about all this 21 years of my stay here.Mediocrity has seeped into every walk of life.In fact I have feed up of being mediocre.You either be the best or have a hot or cold drink,lukewarm irritates my gut.I am really bored of this tag of "Jack all trades,master of none",atleast some point of time you need to master few of the trades you know.My academic life has not been the best,I have never ever got a first rank in my entire academic life[ which was my ultimate kiddish goal...].Its always my dream to be the best in whatever I do, but so far with little success.Time and again my confidence and motivation have been pulverized by many,but they cannot snatch my sole weapon and the most powerful of all,my "Self Belief".But then I am not too concerned about my past now,something which I could not have done much and most of it shaped by my destiny.Never mind,I am not going to gain much by brooding over the past,rather it will better if I learn from the past.
By biggest dream now, to get my professional life bang on target as I want it to be.I want to balance a lot of things in life,I don`t want to let any stone unturned.I want to experience every flavor of life.I am looking for a career which would not just be a job but a way of life, accommodating all my passions.One reason I wanted a software job is because in way a it would help me satisfy my ultimate passion in life,"Traveling".I can`t talk about it much here,it would run to pages,may be some time later in my future posts.I always prefer being a freelancer doing things at my own pace,I think thats when I can get the best out of me ,never mind I can also perform under pressure,provided I have passion for what I do.
Right now sitting in the final year class of ECE,with a mediocre does not speak much for itself. I know there are days in your life where you can do what you like and there are other days where you need to like what you do.But I am still waiting for my hay days, where my wish will prevail and everything I do will be straight from my heart with passion.I am gearing for my next scenario,which I hope will bring out the best in me and I will be able break the thick ice of mediocrity.

With dreams of passion,

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Safe Zone Of Agnosticism

It does not matter if you are an atheist or a theologist, "The god delusion" by Richard Dawkins makes good reading for every kind of person.One sole reason because it offers so many points to counter argue over both perspective of life.One interesting chapter which I felt worthy commenting was the lines of John Lennon in this book...
He writes about,imagining a world with no religion....
i) There would have been no 9/11 or 7/7
ii) No Crusades
iii) No India- Pakistan partition or Israel-Palestine
iv) No Concentration camps - killings branded as Christ killers
v) No witch hunts
The major contributor towards all this events relates to the deep division in the minds of people.And the question ,Is religion the root cause of divisions in minds of people?
If religion did not exists,had we been free of such atrocities?

Well let me present you another list of atrocities which has absolutely no relevance with religion...

i) Tamil rebels fighting in Sri Lanka -based on language differences.
ii)Another ugly atrocity-Racism which exists all across the world-and the reason ,just the color of the skin.
iii)Suppression based on economic status.
iv) Tug wars of politics in Africa and Chechnya.
v)For the next one if you are an Indian reading this you don`t have to look beyond your backyard-- the practice of casteism and caste riots which had virtually torn the country apart during the past century.

so what do we infer from this? Is Religion the only cause for division in minds of people?..There are innumerable causes,some which exists naturally and others created artificially to create a feel superiority among ourselves.Humans claiming themselves to be social animals have always preferred to stay in groups.And they need to find reasons to claim their group to be superior among the rest and religion is a obvious one.If they are of common religion they would go for races and if they are of common race they would go for ethnicity and if its common ethnicity they would go for casteism...and there is no full stop to this division.
The arrogance and pride of superiority always had existed in human mind and more in our genes.If religion has not existed we would still have found ways to divide ourselves. And the point is religion has only helped to contain this atrocities in some proportion. I am not trying to be theologists, but what i want to say is religion is not the only cause of a division in mankind,its just on of the obvious one we have used to divide ourself and create a platform to prove our superiority.

With straight agnosticism,

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Fairy Tale Ending.....

Finally after all that drama and traumatic five weeks ,the revaluation results are out and i have cleared my antenna paper comfortably. My faith has not let me down, and the feeling of relief is far from being expressed in words.And talking about faith what i can say about that strange coincidence..i got my my arrear a day before my birthday and made it the most gloomiest one i have ever celebrated and i cleared it a day before his making one the most memorable Janmashtami celebration ever in my life.

I thank every one who has been so supportive through one of the most difficult times of my life,if not them i don`t know how i would have coped up during those hard days.I want honour everyone who gave their unconditional support to me and boosted up my morale during those days, but what keeps me at bay is the embarrassment of leaving any names .All want to say is that these people deserve a special place in my heart and i am waiting for my turn to reciprocate what they have given to me.

These five weeks have made me more stronger in my life than ever a sense it has done more good to me than has made me cut down all those redundant thoughts in me and some good cautious lessons on the importance of foreseeing your life.I consider this as blessing from heaven and all i need to do is to capitalize on this rigorous disciplinary action enforced on me.

With damn flat humbleness,