Sunday, September 16, 2007

Safe Zone Of Agnosticism

It does not matter if you are an atheist or a theologist, "The god delusion" by Richard Dawkins makes good reading for every kind of person.One sole reason because it offers so many points to counter argue over both perspective of life.One interesting chapter which I felt worthy commenting was the lines of John Lennon in this book...
He writes about,imagining a world with no religion....
i) There would have been no 9/11 or 7/7
ii) No Crusades
iii) No India- Pakistan partition or Israel-Palestine
iv) No Concentration camps - killings branded as Christ killers
v) No witch hunts
The major contributor towards all this events relates to the deep division in the minds of people.And the question ,Is religion the root cause of divisions in minds of people?
If religion did not exists,had we been free of such atrocities?

Well let me present you another list of atrocities which has absolutely no relevance with religion...

i) Tamil rebels fighting in Sri Lanka -based on language differences.
ii)Another ugly atrocity-Racism which exists all across the world-and the reason ,just the color of the skin.
iii)Suppression based on economic status.
iv) Tug wars of politics in Africa and Chechnya.
v)For the next one if you are an Indian reading this you don`t have to look beyond your backyard-- the practice of casteism and caste riots which had virtually torn the country apart during the past century.

so what do we infer from this? Is Religion the only cause for division in minds of people?..There are innumerable causes,some which exists naturally and others created artificially to create a feel superiority among ourselves.Humans claiming themselves to be social animals have always preferred to stay in groups.And they need to find reasons to claim their group to be superior among the rest and religion is a obvious one.If they are of common religion they would go for races and if they are of common race they would go for ethnicity and if its common ethnicity they would go for casteism...and there is no full stop to this division.
The arrogance and pride of superiority always had existed in human mind and more in our genes.If religion has not existed we would still have found ways to divide ourselves. And the point is religion has only helped to contain this atrocities in some proportion. I am not trying to be theologists, but what i want to say is religion is not the only cause of a division in mankind,its just on of the obvious one we have used to divide ourself and create a platform to prove our superiority.

With straight agnosticism,


Mercury said...

Did you watch his video at some university ... I mean dawkins'? Its Amazing, he talks with such clarity and counters every opposition

Karthick said...

well not actually...i read his book the " the god delusion.."...he is a good debater..especially when it comes to theology...

Denise said...

This one here looks like a real sensitive issue, isn't it? Hope these kind of atrocities cease to occur and that there isn't any need for us to discuss these issues. Again full marks to you Karthick for the manner in which it has been written.U know, I have become an ardent reader of your blogs coggy.. hope U keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

What is the use of labels in blog posts? any real use?

scrap your reply in my scrapbook entry.

Vijayturlapati said...

Nice blog and nice thought, religion has always been a set of principles that enable the human race to have a peaceful co-existence. It is we people who have associated religion with the supremacy of race..Only the race survives in this world and not the religion..A shame on man kind..Follow principles and not religion..Do whatever sounds good to you..

Shruti Mukundan said...

a serious topic indeed. for me religion is more like a routine. i never found why ppl make an issue of it. say for example, in a college there r so many courses going on simultaneously. but there is never a question of superiority there, its the question of interest. who can say if chemistry is superior or history? same goes for religion too. hope ppl understand!

Adisha said...

Hmmm. Isn't it sadder that people find SO many reasons to divide themselves :(

Well put together piece. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see more of you around :)