Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year Post.........

This will be my last post of this year and another year had come and gone in a blink.And the same old speculations about resolutions has started all over again.Well the fact is I have stopped taking new year resolutions from my 7th grade,after all most of this resolutions never seem to last for more than week [atleast for me].Whats more important is that we make sure that the next year is always better than the previous ones and I can say on a high note that the way my life has taken shape,every year always had a upbeat curve and ofcourse with some variations in slope.
And well this year has been a mixed one for me with lots of pats and kicks.The most highlighting part was my first job , o boy what a feeling it was ,it was the most hyped event of the year and getting it in my very first interview was certainly lot special for me.And whats more I started this blog page in feb of this year with some degree of initial reluctance at first, but when one my post was featured in top 100 blogs of astrological news source,it was really mesmerizing to see the RSS feed of my post there.And if I say that I felt good it would certainly be the most severe kind of understatement I have ever made in my life.[click here to see the listing..]
The jolt of year the came when my sixth sem results were out,an arrear in antenna , and whats more it happened a day before my birthday making it one of the most gloomiest one I have ever celebrated.Lots of comforting words from all around, desperately trying to lift my spirit up and of course without them, days would have been certainly nothing short of hell.Finally,I did clear it on revaluation,please for heaven sake don`t ask me how I felt,it felt as though I am surfacing the ocean after spending six weeks in the pulverizing pressure of the "Marina Trench".
As far as the competitions are concerned I cashed up Rs.2500 in all those symposiums stuff,won some four quizzes,my first block and tackle and competitions I never thought I could win even in my dreams.[I am talking about that kitchen chronicles,only heavens know what we played there, may be thats what we call heavenly music:)].
My project team and My guide did add some garnishing touch to the year,it feels good to have such a optimal team,and ofcourse it was nothing short of a out of the blue fortune.But whether it be a pat or kick the best part is all this forces have just pushed me to my better side ,so honestly speaking I really don`t have any regrets at all about the year.
As I predicted this year was indeed a very interesting one with lots of spice and my prophecy tells me the next one is going to be still more interesting .The outcome of my project ,thats going to be the first arrow out of my bow next year ,the fare well,the parting and getting drenched with all those heavy emotions is all set here.I wonder how I am going to handle all those things and but the fact is I surprise myself lots of times , so those things are on the pipeline.I need some tinkering work with my social skills and one of my best pals has promised to help me out on this aspect.And of course definitely I want to find time to write more post on my blog page.
Personally and professionally it going to be a very important year for me,reinforcing my place in the society ,getting my first feel of professional life ,all this thing does sound a little chilling,but in any way things has to be taken head on,there is no bypass for all this.But certainly i don`t want to make you conscious about your level of anxiety disorder by blabbering my anxieties.
So my big heartful thanks to all readers of my blog page for making it a successful one .Guys your comments really amplified my excitement several folds.So have great year ahead, hope all your wishes and dreams come true ,never let your frustration take over you,patience and perseverance can take you to great distance.[ Quite Obviously ,it applies to me as well:)]

"Wish You A Very Happy And Eventful New Year".

Wishing you the very best in life this New year,


jaiyu said...

2007 will be more exciting than 2008..all the best. happy new year..

Mahesh said...

2008...welcome welcome...wish u happy new year!! enjoy this year...expecting more and more blogging!!

Niranjan said...

Life is about twist and turns. Your '07 is one to be remembered by you for the rest of your life for the incidents u encountered.
jus learn from ur mistakes and be cool:)

finally i have written u a comment:)

Shruti Mukundan said...

well am two year late to comment on '07 but then i guess it was a very happening and fruitful year for u... i wish all the coming years bring just as many (if not more) happy and cherishable memories your way! wish u a good life ;)