Saturday, December 1, 2007

Please Draw A Line...........

It feels nice to come out of a hibernation,but you should note that while I was hibernating from my blog page I was fighting a fierce battle with my exams and the battle is not yet over and there is a week`s gap for the next one so I thought of sneaking in a post here.

Last month when Sunitha Williams visited India she was given a heroic reception by our double standard politicians and the Gujarat government even went to the extent of giving her a state honor, to a person who has almost nothing to do with a country except her so called "Ethnicity". We Indians take too much of pride in achievements of our people and that nature of ours is what makes us to be called as one the most patriotic countries in the world , but thats fine as long as the people whome we take pride are our own citizens ,who share your love for the country and take pride in being part of it.But here in this case taking pride in Sunita`s achievements as person of Indian origin is absolute insanity.
We need to realize that she a citizen of an another country and all her achievements and success belongs to them.Here I want to bring another quote by Mr.Aditya Mittal,son of industrialist Lakshmi Mittal says that his company Arcelor is not an Indian company and his company is global,its not even listed in Sensex and he holds a Indian passport but it makes no difference ,distancing himself from his country which has feed them and what we do ,include the Mittals in our list of billionaires.
The Tamil rebels fighting in sri lanka though on the basis of ethnicity,are as patriotic as any other lankan in the island,remember the cease fire which the Tamil rebels issued during the 96 world cup when the sri lankans were playing the Australians in the final.The war in sri lanka is their own internal affair and every rebel feels more lankan on par as he feels a Tamilian.And what our honorable politicians in the state do, find some political assets by supporting and honoring people who have assassinated our prime minister.
Recently in the news was Pakistan recruiting a Sikh soldier in its battalion, a first .Now let me give you a hypothetical situation, if this soldier gets into higher ranks of the army and be responsible for capture of Kashmir,will you still appreciate his gallantry because the man responsible for it is ethnically Indian.
We as Indians so thirsty with global recognition that we tend to take pride in anything thats comes across our way,may be its because of centuaries of suppression caused by colonialism at different period of time.Its so pathetic that we talk so much about globalism and IT revolution ,but we still blind folded on the basic difference between ethnicity and citizenship,we certainly need to draw a line some where.
Have a look at multi ethnic countries like Australia and the United States there are no basic ethnicity for people of this countries,their people have roots in across Europe,Africa and Asia,in that sense the only thing that unites them is their citizenship.
But this kind of scenario is completely uncanny to us,we need a way to handle this kind of people and find a slot for them.We need to look at this people as global citizens or citizens of there respective country. we need to mature our thoughts to digest the fact that they no more belong here.
Which team are you going to support if you are an formula one fan,there you will find a Spanish driver driving for a German team managed by British engineers.Which is your favorite European club football UEFA team,people playing for Real Madrid may not even know to speak be Spanish. Why go to Europe ,lets talk about our own backyard [as I always do]which team are you going to support in the current ICL or IPL team.

You need to open your mind up ,its great to appreciate good individual performances and applaud their effort ,but how long we Indians are going to do that only on the basis of ethnicity.If we still are going to continue our stance on this, I am sure all this IPL and ICL stuff is going to be an utter failure in this country obsessed with ethnicity.May be I am going a little chauvinistic towards sports but the same rules apply in every walk of life and sports gives you one good example to showcase the situation.

With crossed fingers,

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Shruti Mukundan said...

reminder - u haven't written on 'reservation system' yet as requested abv.

as far as present post goes, what i feel is India being still not so popular n not developed, needs recognition so that its easy to get loans from world-wide basis. more over its in our culture to stick to relationships... u c... like we do in our daily life.. thats my grandmothers's-sister's-husband's-nephew's-brother's-wife!!! u knw things like that... mayb that y we dont leave sunita n mittals!!! ;)