Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Post-II

Oh well its time for the last post of the year ,an extract of tete`-a-tete` between the angel(trying to be as candid as possible) and the devil(trying to be a wise devil`s advocate) ..so here it goes..

Describe this year in one word ?

Why get stingy with just one word? Give me a moment let me get my oxford thesaurus,
So here you go I can call this year as-
Pathetic,Turbulent,Pitiful,Lamenting,annoying,distressing,apprehensive,exasperating,pestering,tormenting and overall I could just describe it as a complete hullabaloo.

Best thing that happened ?
(Hold on I am scratching my head) well..okay..lemmme see...hmmm...oh ya I guess graduation was a pretty decent thing that happened but certainly not a Utopian moment to graduate with the recession eating your head.

Worst thing that happened?

I can answer this in one word- almost "EVERYTHING" .

Most satisfying moment?

It was quite heartening to see the Australian arrogance crumble like cookies against Indians and the proteas.(felt like heaven)

YouTube pick of the year?

Sarah Palin pranked- Its always so entertaining to watch beautiful women getting so embarrassingly pranked . (impeccableness is short lived!!)


Crush list for the year?

Gosh!! you really cannot expect long list after a horrendous year,any way I have promised to stay as candid as possible on my blog page ,so with due acknowledgment to the consistency of my reputation I think I should give it away.

I wonder you can call it a list , there is only one name on and it is אנוושא .( I know you have better work to do than trying to decipher it!!)

Most weird news ?

A YOUNG woman in southern China has partially lost her hearing after her boyfriend ruptured her eardrum during an excessively passionate kiss.

The 20-something girl from Zhuhai, in southern Guangdong province, went to hospital completely deaf in her left ear, the China Daily said, citing a report in a local newspaper.

"The kiss reduced pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear," say the doctors.

Doctors say the woman's hearing would likely return to normal after about two months.

"While kissing is normally very safe, doctors advise people to proceed with caution," the paper said.

( wow!! cost for being tooooooo passionate i suppose!!!worthy cautionary note)


Longest Telephonic conversation?

2hrs 23mins 43secs-( It was not with my sweet heart,it was with the old lady in the middle no where,whose dogs`s name was supposedly i think is courage)

Heroes of the year?

Mr.President elect of US -for the obvious reason
Vishy- For pulverizing the Russians on the checkered board.

Best Documentary?

The History channel - Mayan Doomsday.
Mayans predict the end of the world to be on 21 dec 2012 ( Quite intriguing ah!!)

(guess that's the only way in sight to end this recession!!!)

Best movie --

TZP - Amir and company brought my entire childhood in front of my eyes.

And of course I enjoyed watching the Madagascar sequel as well.

Best song--

TZP- Maa ( Shankar`s trio deserved to be called the best in the business just for this very number)
Vaarnam Ayiram- Munthinam Parthenay( Liked the spanish tango kinda style of harris,hope it was not a case of plagiarism)
Guzarish and jai ho also deserves to be on the list.( business as usual for ARR)

Most Romantic day/moment of the year?

Oh really I had some thing like that????damn --Forget it!!!

Worst Nightmare?

Me and friends were being held hostage at our school and with the terrorist gunning down each of us in perfect executioners style and I happened to be the last in the line and quite obviously when the trigger was held right against me I woke up .( Ram gopal Verma here I come!!!)

Best quote?

" Teach me not to cry for the moon,nor over spilt milk" ( somewhere in Dale Carnegie`s books)

I read this in my orkut fortune of the day some time back-
" If fate means me to lose ,I will die fighting" ( situational quote I guess)

Oddest meal/snack?

Tandoori pizza- (I am sure any Spaniard who happens to see what we had done to their exquisite cuisine, for sure would hang himself,anyway it din`t taste so bad after all)

Most scarcest ?

Happiness, Fulfillment,Thrill , Excitement.......

Most abundant?

Of course the hero was "Mundaness" what what else!

New year resolution?

I don't believe in new year resolutions - Any way- I need to start living life better.

How do you reckon the next year to be?

I am least bothered how the next year would be ,I am just looking forward for a definitive path in my career that is all.( Oh Mighty god is that such a tough grant??).

Wishing" A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR " to all my friends and blog readers,


Saturday, November 8, 2008

I destroyed her life in matter of minutes....

Its been long I have put anything on this page ,just I was gathering some thoughts about writing something ,I felt may be I could make very candid confession on something for which I regretted so much and still do regret,something which I have been feeling so guilty about,I think it time to pour it out.

I can hear you speculating whats the sin and why is is this so candid,and the degree of its heinousness, in one line all I could say ,

" I destroyed a women`s life in just about a matter minutes".

Well true to your guess , yes I should have been behind bars for this "sin or the crime" in whatever terms you would like to put it,but for the reason there was no legislation to convict me and more so the the women was so shattered that she definitely had no strength to sue me on my crime.

What did i do? I am going to get it as candid as possible..

The time on the clock was 3: 30 am,pitch dark outside cold window , I could hardly remember the date,but i am sure it was Saturday.It just started as a casual conversation,she was sweet,she was polite and she was desperately in need of help.I did promise to help her, as i always do for anyone who knocked at my doors, but I never had the faintest of idea that the devil in me is soon going to take over me.She was on her couch with her laptop and me on the chair in front of a PC trying to reach a conclusion on her troubled head, all was going on well until it happened.To a lady who wished asylum under me and all I did was destroy her life within a matter of minutes.

May be i should not have done that or should i have thought twice before i did that,
Boy, i could still hear her terrorized voice in my ears, screaming , shouting,moaning and yelling, all i did was let my ears go dumb.

[Cut the crap and stop letting your imagination run wild :)....]

The crime scene was half way across the world , her name Mrs.Ferguson,
Location1: Somewhere in the middle of Texas,
Location2: Deep down Greams road ,fifth floor HCL BPO.

Crime I committed : Reset Mrs.Ferguson most valued decade old password,which was so much part of her daily life and screwed up her entire network in the process as she had a third party router in between which was protected by a another master password which was set by her husband and as result i could not get into the router for an upgradation .

My damn mistake: I assumed that it was a 2 wire modem cum router like most of the customers have while she was actually using a third party Belkin router and I have to pay for my assumptions as I had done all my life.

Rest of the episode which happened on the call which was undoubtedly the longest[2hours] I took in my four month stint at HCL, you must certainly listen it in Ms.Ferguson own words.[I just cannot forgot even single word of that last 15 minutes of the call..]

"Congratulation!!! Thank u so much for screwing up my entire life. You Have destroyed my one decade of life in matter of minutes..Thank you..Thank you so very much..[She was in tears by then..].You know something I had this password for the past ten years, and i could recollect it even in the middle of my sleep, u have screwed my entire life thank you so very much.Wow!!whats more and you say i will lose connection on my entire network,Thank You for destroying my whole life"

I did try to suggest her other alternative ways to get things back as they were ,but she got too irate to listen to me and with pressure from my mentors and team lead i had to go dumb to all her frustration and yelling as it was almost two hours into the call and finally she hung up exhausted.

To many people it may not sound as the most heinous crime on the law book , but messing up with someone`s personalization according to me is a crime.
I could only guess what the password could have meant to her.
It could have been her first crush`s name which she wanted to cherish all her life through her password.
It could have been her deceased mother`s name or fathers name or just about something of chain of alphabets she valued so much.One thing is for sure I had no business messing up with it.

God shower your grace upon me, please forgive me for my sin !!!

PS: I tried to look into her records after nearly a month to find out whether she had called back the customer support ,Nay she never did, I am sure after speaking to me that day ,I am sure she will never do it all her life.

On a very apologetic tone ,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Peek Into One Of My Nocturnal Days.......

Its been almost four weeks I have written anything, as I was hibernating from by blog page, the reality is my life had turned nocturnal. Yup,the Owls, the Bats and me , we all work for a living on the same time zone, thats life at a call center.

My alarm tone on my mobile " Jame Raho" from Taare Zammen Par, which rings exactly 2 45 am in the morning[of course its deep night for most]. Up,Up,Up I tell myself the cab is going to be any moment here now,its my big day I am gonna take my " Berlitz "test[ Berlitz is a conversational voice and accent test,conducted by an American firm and dare you flunk it, you will be thrown out of the process and I tell you what I was really in love with my process and I just can`t afford to be thrown out ,hope you could sense my pressure] , into the bathroom having a quick cold shower, and i heard a very familiar song , Ooops its my mobile with my customized " Hutch Song " ring tone, its him, my driver and I quickly get myself into a full sleeve shirt without unbuttoning it like a t shirt and my jean,oh yeah its here and comb my hair, take my mobile, wallet ,watch and hey hey where the heck did I put the ID card , the note pad and off quickly,as I climb down the stairs , I realize I could have so well taken up long jump as my career.

As I get into the cab, this girl with long hair and bright red lipstick and whole lot of powdery makeup stuff ,greets me with a "Hi" , oh boy she scared the hell out of me when I first saw her, my cab mate,Shobna.

Off we go, taking on 85 km/hr and the clear ,cool breeze smashing on my face as if to slap on me waking me up from semi consciousness, as i look outside the window, I have never seen my big beautiful home town in this attire,she is so gorgeous at night, a empty brightly lit electric train passes over the bridge across the road with its own characteristic takh..takh..sound echoing all around us, and the sodium vapour lamps painting the entire city yellow . I had never heard such a silence in mount road almost posing a haunted look, its so contrasting how the arterial road is gonna transform itself in few hours from now.With a light drizzle outside and "kadhal rojave" playing in the car stereo,it was certainly one of the best start to the day at office.

As we enter Greams road ,the bold halogen lit name board of my company "HCL" welcomes me as if to say, get your guts right today or you could be eaten up. Into the lift , I make conscious effort not to stare at any one, " ting tong ", I am on sixth floor rushing into cafeteria to get my regular cup of boost[ secret of my energy ah...we will put that to test today,hopefully it works]. My friends greet with a big " Hi" , which reverberates through the entire cafeteria " Man are you ready for the Berlitz??", I try to reply them with my atmost humbleness ,"Kinda of dudes".

My friends Ajay and Saritha are scheduled to take their Berlitz along with me ,and in no time the clock strikes 9 00am and we are into the cabin where the test is to be taken, its ladies first and Saritha takes her chance with American over the phone,followed by Ajay and looks like those folks have done really well and I am next, my supervisor makes a call and hands the receiver to me .

Assessor : My name is John cranky from LA and I am gonna be your assessor today, may I know your name.

Myself : I am karthick Selvaraj...K as in kilo, A as in alpha, R as in Romeo......J as in Juliet.

we talked about the weather,my dream holiday , my weekend , hobbies and on and on....

.....and John and me were talking for nearly fifteen minutes, I know my rate of speech was so high that even French TGV and the Bullet train would have shyed away from me and the conversation was done and the test was thankfully over ,more than begin relived I was really getting nervous about the result .

Its was mid afternoon my process trainer got us the results , I was staring through the computer monitor eagerly searching for my grade and I almost forgot that I am a human who is supposed blink and breathe "AND YEEEEEEES!!!" and I did it I got through, I got a B2 , thats the grade which gets me through the test.My entire world was slowly getting back to normalcy and unfortunately many of my colleagues who took the test along with me flunked it,so i retracted a little to control my excitement and otherwise my buddies now how I would be jumping on top of the roof.

I came back home by 4 00 that evening, had small snack and off to bed by 6 pm,my sleep laden heavy eyelids shut instantly [ its quite uncanny time to get sleep but I was exhausted to the core with the day`s activities]. And finally i gained my consciousness when " jame raho" was blaring from my mobile, its is the start of another day dude!!!.

With birds chirping around my head,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Race To The White House........

Finally, the 17 months long mud slinging for the democratic nomination of US presidential election had reached its climax with senator Barack Obama clinching the nominations defeating the favored Hillary Clinton,its been long hard fight which can be literally dubbed as " Racism V/S Female chauvinism ".The entire democratic race reminds me of the hare and tortoise story, considered to be a underdog and too inexperienced for the post of president, Obama had proved speculators wrong by winning the nominations substantially and this in spite Hillary`s overwhelming popularity and the status of former first lady with unconditional support from her husband.

And remember "December,1, 1955", the day associated with the legendary black civil right activist Rosa Parks who refused to give her seat away in a city bus to a white man and was legally prosecuted for her act. Its been just three generations since the abolition of slavery in America and hardly a generation has passed from the time Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks lead the civil right movements in America.It was not until 1870 when the US government census declared American state free of slavery in all forms.And it all sounds a little dreamy realizing the events taking place in this country for the past year and half.

How many of those blacks slaves in those deterring conditions would have thought that one day one of their grandsons is going to be ruler of their super power nation and become the leader of the siblings of their masters. It does`t matter whether Senator Barack Obama wins the November presidential elections against his fellow Republican or not, but he has certainly changed the face of American politics.America is considered as "Land of opportunities" ,if you deserve it,you get it and Mr.obama`s candidacy has proven this point beyond doubt.

A poll conducted in Germany reveal that 60% percent of the nation wanted Barack Obama to become the next US president.Its so heaving to find this change in the attitude of the world at large ,it was not too long ago when Adolf Hitler starred in disgrace at Jesse Owens,When he won five gold medals at the Berlin Olympics ,virtually shattering Hitler`s campaign of the superior Aryan race.

But for now,its time for celebration in the heartland of Africa,Yes the entire nation of Kenya,the country of origin of Mr.Obama is going wild, its one of the sons of their nation is on the road to assume office at the power house of the world.

Its obvious this hell of a campaign had left the party split apart but,Its time for the democrats to resolve their differences and put their weight behind winning the November elections,as most of the Americans and the world at large are sick of Bush and the republicans, and electing John Mcaine would certainly be nothing short of third term Bush administration under his disguise.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The True Invincible.....

I am progressive ,never sustainable,I could sometimes be felt impulsively.I am byproduct of time and catalyzed by desperation. Often people unfurl their sail and wait for the wind only to hope that I would take them to their destiny. Uncannily,few do ascertain their route to navigate across me.You can never ward off me and never always welcome me. So did you get who i am??, if not just hold on .

I am the source of insecurity for those who fail to anticipate me, and the biggest inconvenience to the orthodoxes.The satisfied and happy never want me to reach them soon ,but the needy and wanted wait at the door steps looking out for me.But whichever sphere of life you belong, you can never escape my onslaught.Those with wisdom try predicting me and most others don`t see me coming until I have intruded wholly.Still guessing???

The frogs and caterpillars never complain about me.I don`t mind being a puppet at the hands of those with will or could make you wander like a kite if you surrender yourself. Yes, some say I am at the command of the fate and some say its me who ghost rules the fate . So Who is right??, the truth is both are, it just depends on the way you take me in your life.If you still fail to recognize me, you need just few more lines of patience.

The heavens nor the hell can escape my touch, I am astronomical.I have created the past and I am responsible for the future, no one can contain me and I am not a constant.And earthlings call me the father of novelty.

I have the elixir in my body and death is not in my dictionary.I am "The Truest Of Invincibles".And in your vocabulary you call me "THE CHANGE".

Writing my first blog just days after my engineering,there are couples of things which I can assure myself to be present around me , one is my shadow and other is the invincible "Change".

Waiting to catch the wind with my sails unfurled,

Saturday, March 29, 2008

End Of Days.....

I have just come back after organizing my last symposium ,my last quiz event here at the Incendio`08. After all those photo sessions and handshakes and wishes, it all feels a little heavy to handle.Four years and every year had its own flavor.I can truly feel the metamorphosis I have undergone in this years. Not everything begun well, some of my friends will remember how I used to curse the place when I first joined in here, but ya everything did change by the end of the first year.A bit of spirit of acceptance coupled with some great people around did make be feel home.

Frankly speaking about my regrets , May be I could have got along more personally with some of the people here ,may be a more intimate rapport . I don`t know may be I should have taken more effort or may be its that they shyed away from me or it was just circumstantial, but their presence could have made some differences in my life.But past is past,and a second chance is just a hope.But I am grateful that I always had such nice people to hold me in all my crisis during my stay here and they never ever let any turbulence take over me. And I could have pushed myself a bit more in academics ,that's one area I feel I have terribly underperformed myself.

Probably our college tour was one event that really gelled as together during our second year, yeah there were some heart breaks and disappointments all around, anyway this are the things that add spice to our lives and give us some scripts for our autobiography later in life.

For the better part,I met my best quizzing partner I was longing for all my life and together we have won and organized some very memorable quizzes.And whole lot tech geeks who introduced me to a lot of new things in life. And of course a very special mention about my batch mate and a true good friend karthikeyan, well I don`t explicitly use any proper nouns in my blog page, but I really feel he is one guy in my life whom I have not given the due recognition,but I can proudly say he had been one of the pillars in my life here.It had been a mixed life here for me, there were few initiatives which worked and few were disastrous.But at the end I would certainly call this as one of the prominent places which nurtured me,in my preparation for life.

I am gonna miss all those fun we had together and its getting heavier every day, but life is got to move on.Its just going to be less than week we are going to stay together ,hope we make up with poeple whom we missed during this few grains of days left and I just wish every one all the best in all their endeavors in life.

Time To Say Adieu....Its Game Over...

With a heavy heart,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life Never Waits For Emotions....

Every time we look into each other,
The mystery of our looks haunts us,
With each passing day,
Harder the ice seems to freeze,
More thicker it becomes,
More it presents itself translucent.

A curl of long hair,that coils around her ears,
Her deep brown eyes,which often forgets to blink,
Her impeccable elegance which none can match,
I pronounce her an epitome of feminism,
The silhouette of her expressionless face,
with a mystified spookiness,
Is this mystification made me fall for her?

she needs a hand to clutch,To hold on when she stumbles,
For I know she is not flawless or crisis free,
If only I can say,
I am there to lend it,
To fake the melancholy,
To take her back to the infancy,
To enrich her thoughts again,
To the days when it was simple,
And worry was a word very much alien.

Not a hour passes without starring at her,
As she had snapped herself through my inward eye,
Without her, My world portrays itself lonely and lost,
Hope someday my obsession will be reciprocated,
When I wake up,
Sometimes I feel ridiculed,
Sometimes I feel insane,
But I know,no ice can withstand,
The warmth of true love.

Gloominess is one thing that looks invincible,
Sailing in the ocean of uncertainty,
No matter which way the wind blows,
The road is long and the journey is hard,
I realize ,I am here for his purpose,
I will never falter,I will stand tall,
I will move on, I will breath hard,
For I know he will never let me down,
Still looking for that ray of hope,
With my peripheral eyes,
That one day we will together roam the world.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Have You Ever Been WILFED.........

How many times have you logged on to the net planning to do something useful and landed up doing nothing.How many times have you clicked on the links sent to you by your friends and hop from one webpage to another only to realize that you have killed substantial amount of time. How many times have you been engrossed in a Google search moving from one result to another endlessly and all of a sudden regain your consciousness trying to figure out what exactly you were looking for.
If you had experienced any of the above phenomenon it means that you have been "Wilfed" or you are a "wilfer" and if you thought it was something normal, think again. The word " WILF" is an acronym for "What Was I Looking For" and it is an increasing internet related psychological disorder. The syndrome is so common that this word recently made it to the official list of English vocabulary.
And if you think of the consequence of being "Wilfed", its is lot more than the guilt of killing time. Being Wilfed too often can reduce your work efficiency, especially if your profession demands frequent access to the internet and whats more a prolonged Wilfer might face a psychological dependence on internet, something like mild form of IAS ,its not Indian Administrative Service as you think I am talking about "Internet Addiction Syndrome". Kids ,pre teens and teens can suffer from chronic concentration impediments if they fail to understand the underlying cause for the problem.
So how did this syndrome originate, although Wilf is a syndrome very much related to computers and internet , it had always been part of human thought process in various degree of severity. A classic example is where this phenomena is in pandemic is our class rooms. How many times have you answered your attendance and started listening to the class and then suddenly find yourself waging a war against the invading Martians or you are sailing hand in hand with your soulmate in one of those Gondolas in Venice.It may all happen too frequently for few and in varying degree of rarity in others and it has more to do with your thought process and the motivation to remain focussed in your work.
Its not even a modern phenomenon or things which happen only in schools,colleges or work place ,its been happening as long as humans started walking with their hind limbs.Remember the quote from the Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna quotes that "Human mind is like a monkey". Now,well don`t think of Andrew Symonds , the monkey he was talking about was the real type of monkey ,the ones you see in zoos and forests.So being Wilfed does looks very much part of human behavior but its more accentuated in this era of computers and internet where you have more probabilistic chance of succumbing to this syndrome.
So going by the traditional quotes of medical sciences "Prevention is better than cure", what can we all do about preventing ourself from being Wilfed. Yup the only way is to maintain intensity in your life. Plan your time you spend on your PC [it also applies to your life time] meticulously that you never give any space for the syndrome to sneak into you. Well the point is maintaining intensity is not a complete solution but atleast you can avoid waging war with Martians and to certain extent ask your soul mate to wait for some time until the class gets over before you take him/her for a ride in one of those Gondolas in Venice.

With endless attempts to salvage Earthlings,

Friday, February 1, 2008

Cue Moments From Mathura...

As with my vast traveling experience during my childhood days,this one of the best I can remember frame by frame and still fresh in mind as red juicy carrots harvested on winter morning.We were staying Gwalior and I was in my fourth grade I suppose and we were on a family tour to Mathura in UP [For all those people who have some idea of Mahabharata its the birth place of Lord Krishna]with my dad`s office colleague and his wife[Mr & Mrs Das from Bengal if I remember them correctly].We took a late evening train , it was the GT and we were on our way to the mythical city of Mathura. At that point I heard nothing more than it was just another temple town with chants of Lord Krishna everywhere.After a brief journey of four hours we were at the banks of Yamuna , one of the mighty rivers of the state.
Time to get down and take a stroll across the city and we met this all blabbering and over enthusiastic guide who promised us take around the city and also obviously with the title of his profession , offer us some guidance on the history of the place.Me and my sister were very busy starring around the place as if we had landed on Martian planet, we can already observe substantial cultural differences just for a place which around some 350km from Gwalior.
We were visiting temples after temples,palaces after palaces and the guide was non stop with his blabbering and he seems to have a folklore for every place he took us.I can even remember couple of them,the one where describes how a "Booth"[kind of ghost] actually had built a magnificent palace
overnight for a local ruler,to how lord krishna once sold his golden bangles in a milk shop to buy some drink as the priests of the temple had forgotten to offer the Prassad.
By mid evening we were nearly exhausted by all those walks around and we settled for a photo session , who would have ever thought that this is going to be the most memorable experience of our trip.We were at the Grand Krishna temple at the heart of the town which hosts a giant 15ft statue of Lord Krishna.The one obvious things you will notice about the place was that it was infested with monkeys,not ten,not hundred,but nearly a thousand.I suppose the monkey population inside the temple quite clearly outweighed the humans .And very much the pilgrims have found ways to live with our distant cousins, some people offer them food ,if not they had every right to snatch it away from you and give you a glare just enough to make a fully grown 5ft human run for his life.
We did feel a little threatened as we saw more monkeys around us than humans but our guide was gracious enough to convince us that they were harmless and you will know it soon why he said that. As my dad`s colleague was clicking our family photo and we were all saying cheese to the camera ,my mom felt something fishy happening behind her and before any one could realize it was all over.One of those monkeys mistook the spectacle my mom was wearing as some kind of toy and snatched it from right behind her back without any suspicion and out in flash climbed on the nearest tree.And you can guess my mom`s initial reaction,she just freaked out so loud that every organism inside the temple complex were gazing at us.
And hearing that loud freak there he came charging towards us "bhabi ji kya ho gaya??", our ever faithful guide,and when we informed him about the incident ,he went straight to the tree where the monkey was by now virtually bitting into my mom spectacles and it reminded me of that old monkey story which my grand parents used to tell me,he threw some "chenna"[moong dal] up in the air and our Hanuman avatar was just magnanimous enough to throw down the spectacles,"lijiya babiji apka chashma" and my mom with such high reputation of hygiene consciousness refused even to touch it and he had to hand over the belonging to my dad.
The best part is yet to come ,after that incident my mom was without her spectacles for few months because she never trusted ophthalmologists in Gwalior and was waiting for a vacation to visit Chennai for a eye check up to get her new spectacles,and surprisingly the doc found her eye power to come down to almost a insignificant level and told her that she could do well without her glasses unless otherwise she gets any head aches.Its been a decade and more since that incident and she never touched her spectacles again and what can I say here "A miracle from Miraculous city of Mathura".

The little lad you see sitting on a marble lion is none other me,so no prize for guessing that one.[It was taken in one of the Krishna temples on the outskirts of mathura,probably choreographed by my dad]

With nostalgia all around,

Monday, January 14, 2008

Honestly I Have Nothing Against This Number......

Beginning with the first post of this year, and I am getting a little nostalgic about a few superstitions [though I hardly have any].The nostalgia is about the number 13 and this my 13th post and with all those jinx about the number being unlucky or inauspicious [and i am certainly not here to break the jinx] . I am desperately trying hard to write something positive about the first two weeks of the year.
I can`t help it,"Awful Atrocity " is what I got to witness right from cricket fields of Syndey,to the most awkward indifference shown by our department to the final years.Certainly the first month does`t look to be mine.

The other day I was just talking to one of my friends about my passion in traveling and how i dream to to be in Australia for the 2012 boxing day test.And after watching this pack of wild dogs [courtesy peter roebuck`s column] feeding on Indian humbleness and modesty ,I am certainly rethinking about it.It certainly would be lot better to sit in front of a television watching a lion safari, the true dignified kings of the forest in action, rather than watching in live scavenging hyenas disguising themselves as kangaroos .

If this disguise was not enough,and in Kaliyuga you sometimes wonder how many disguises this ruthless thieves can take [This ofcourse is one of the quotes from my grandpa] ,from high profile politician to hi-fi looking college student with scrap looks ,whatever be the camouflage they are nothing but petty thieves[Harami`s of the society ],and thats what they did to me ,a work of a "Harami", stealing my Rs1500 pen drive right under the nose of a highly respected HOD ,right inside her cabin and walked away as if they had a halo around their heads and all we could do is just watch with our fists frozen.
Have you ever wondered which is most weirdest department in all professional colleges on the planet, yup its no where far,its here,its ours.I really don`t know how it all started ,i am also not aware of their motives and we did feel like dogs when we were chased out of the review just because we were on time.Yes, thats right you are reading it perfectly, we were on time for the review at 9 00 am for our slot which was to come by 12 00 noon and chased us out because of a reason best known to them under the tag that they are trying to instill discipline in us.
I sometimes wonder,people who call themselves as pivots of a institution actually understand the basic difference between a primary school and a professional college.
It was such a demoralizing day for not only our project team but for the others who suffered the same fate.After all the work and involvement which those people are very much aware of ,it was a perfect scenario for some to avenge some past vengeance on us and if they felt they grounded us,I would just say their act was nothing short of sadistic.

I want to stop here, its not a post where I can continue writing long paras , I am already finding hard to control my grudge and grit.

I purposely posted this post on the 14th, atleast and I did`t want any new superstitions to haunt me.

Looking up towards heavens for better days ahead,