Monday, January 14, 2008

Honestly I Have Nothing Against This Number......

Beginning with the first post of this year, and I am getting a little nostalgic about a few superstitions [though I hardly have any].The nostalgia is about the number 13 and this my 13th post and with all those jinx about the number being unlucky or inauspicious [and i am certainly not here to break the jinx] . I am desperately trying hard to write something positive about the first two weeks of the year.
I can`t help it,"Awful Atrocity " is what I got to witness right from cricket fields of Syndey,to the most awkward indifference shown by our department to the final years.Certainly the first month does`t look to be mine.

The other day I was just talking to one of my friends about my passion in traveling and how i dream to to be in Australia for the 2012 boxing day test.And after watching this pack of wild dogs [courtesy peter roebuck`s column] feeding on Indian humbleness and modesty ,I am certainly rethinking about it.It certainly would be lot better to sit in front of a television watching a lion safari, the true dignified kings of the forest in action, rather than watching in live scavenging hyenas disguising themselves as kangaroos .

If this disguise was not enough,and in Kaliyuga you sometimes wonder how many disguises this ruthless thieves can take [This ofcourse is one of the quotes from my grandpa] ,from high profile politician to hi-fi looking college student with scrap looks ,whatever be the camouflage they are nothing but petty thieves[Harami`s of the society ],and thats what they did to me ,a work of a "Harami", stealing my Rs1500 pen drive right under the nose of a highly respected HOD ,right inside her cabin and walked away as if they had a halo around their heads and all we could do is just watch with our fists frozen.
Have you ever wondered which is most weirdest department in all professional colleges on the planet, yup its no where far,its here,its ours.I really don`t know how it all started ,i am also not aware of their motives and we did feel like dogs when we were chased out of the review just because we were on time.Yes, thats right you are reading it perfectly, we were on time for the review at 9 00 am for our slot which was to come by 12 00 noon and chased us out because of a reason best known to them under the tag that they are trying to instill discipline in us.
I sometimes wonder,people who call themselves as pivots of a institution actually understand the basic difference between a primary school and a professional college.
It was such a demoralizing day for not only our project team but for the others who suffered the same fate.After all the work and involvement which those people are very much aware of ,it was a perfect scenario for some to avenge some past vengeance on us and if they felt they grounded us,I would just say their act was nothing short of sadistic.

I want to stop here, its not a post where I can continue writing long paras , I am already finding hard to control my grudge and grit.

I purposely posted this post on the 14th, atleast and I did`t want any new superstitions to haunt me.

Looking up towards heavens for better days ahead,


Niranjan said...

As of still,2008 is not fine for me too.So dont worry Karthick. Failure the stepping stne of Success. I am sure you(or rather we!) cannot forget this. :P

Rampantheart said...

Your article ranging from cricket to personal ravings makes me yearn for writings of this kind.

Great post with an even greater concept(If there are deviations in between, forget them, they add to the lucid write)!
Keep the words flowing!Ciao!

Karthick said...

Niranjan:Yup i can guess that man...let see wat the rest of the year holds for us.

Rampanheart:thanks buddy.....

Shruti Mukundan said...

am not sure if i understood ur grievances perfectly, but am sure u would hav felt good after pouring down all ur griefs n grievances on the page :)