Thursday, February 21, 2008

Have You Ever Been WILFED.........

How many times have you logged on to the net planning to do something useful and landed up doing nothing.How many times have you clicked on the links sent to you by your friends and hop from one webpage to another only to realize that you have killed substantial amount of time. How many times have you been engrossed in a Google search moving from one result to another endlessly and all of a sudden regain your consciousness trying to figure out what exactly you were looking for.
If you had experienced any of the above phenomenon it means that you have been "Wilfed" or you are a "wilfer" and if you thought it was something normal, think again. The word " WILF" is an acronym for "What Was I Looking For" and it is an increasing internet related psychological disorder. The syndrome is so common that this word recently made it to the official list of English vocabulary.
And if you think of the consequence of being "Wilfed", its is lot more than the guilt of killing time. Being Wilfed too often can reduce your work efficiency, especially if your profession demands frequent access to the internet and whats more a prolonged Wilfer might face a psychological dependence on internet, something like mild form of IAS ,its not Indian Administrative Service as you think I am talking about "Internet Addiction Syndrome". Kids ,pre teens and teens can suffer from chronic concentration impediments if they fail to understand the underlying cause for the problem.
So how did this syndrome originate, although Wilf is a syndrome very much related to computers and internet , it had always been part of human thought process in various degree of severity. A classic example is where this phenomena is in pandemic is our class rooms. How many times have you answered your attendance and started listening to the class and then suddenly find yourself waging a war against the invading Martians or you are sailing hand in hand with your soulmate in one of those Gondolas in Venice.It may all happen too frequently for few and in varying degree of rarity in others and it has more to do with your thought process and the motivation to remain focussed in your work.
Its not even a modern phenomenon or things which happen only in schools,colleges or work place ,its been happening as long as humans started walking with their hind limbs.Remember the quote from the Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna quotes that "Human mind is like a monkey". Now,well don`t think of Andrew Symonds , the monkey he was talking about was the real type of monkey ,the ones you see in zoos and forests.So being Wilfed does looks very much part of human behavior but its more accentuated in this era of computers and internet where you have more probabilistic chance of succumbing to this syndrome.
So going by the traditional quotes of medical sciences "Prevention is better than cure", what can we all do about preventing ourself from being Wilfed. Yup the only way is to maintain intensity in your life. Plan your time you spend on your PC [it also applies to your life time] meticulously that you never give any space for the syndrome to sneak into you. Well the point is maintaining intensity is not a complete solution but atleast you can avoid waging war with Martians and to certain extent ask your soul mate to wait for some time until the class gets over before you take him/her for a ride in one of those Gondolas in Venice.

With endless attempts to salvage Earthlings,


AKMA said...

Oh no.. it accurately describes my everyday actions... that means I am a Wilfer!! And all this is because of this CULPRIT!!

Plz.. Somebody Stop ME!!

Niranjan said...

I 'WILFED' and ended up at your blog page!

Happy B'Day to Blog page!

Gayatri said...

whew. you've ripped apart the whole concept, no one can add on any more pointers to that. you've done your research/homework very well. =D way to go!

Shruti Mukundan said...

oh my god.. i just realized am WILFED too!! whats gonna happen to me now! oh god pls save me!! am Wilfed!!! with pending assignments and tutorial sheets to solve, y am i wasting my time checking and commenting on blogs!! well seems like am having al the symptoms of being a wilfed! but its sure fun... i mean, its sure fun to keep work pending and wasting time once in a while.. one should have the experience of everything in lif... and this sure gives a 'naughty guilty' feeling ;)