Saturday, March 29, 2008

End Of Days.....

I have just come back after organizing my last symposium ,my last quiz event here at the Incendio`08. After all those photo sessions and handshakes and wishes, it all feels a little heavy to handle.Four years and every year had its own flavor.I can truly feel the metamorphosis I have undergone in this years. Not everything begun well, some of my friends will remember how I used to curse the place when I first joined in here, but ya everything did change by the end of the first year.A bit of spirit of acceptance coupled with some great people around did make be feel home.

Frankly speaking about my regrets , May be I could have got along more personally with some of the people here ,may be a more intimate rapport . I don`t know may be I should have taken more effort or may be its that they shyed away from me or it was just circumstantial, but their presence could have made some differences in my life.But past is past,and a second chance is just a hope.But I am grateful that I always had such nice people to hold me in all my crisis during my stay here and they never ever let any turbulence take over me. And I could have pushed myself a bit more in academics ,that's one area I feel I have terribly underperformed myself.

Probably our college tour was one event that really gelled as together during our second year, yeah there were some heart breaks and disappointments all around, anyway this are the things that add spice to our lives and give us some scripts for our autobiography later in life.

For the better part,I met my best quizzing partner I was longing for all my life and together we have won and organized some very memorable quizzes.And whole lot tech geeks who introduced me to a lot of new things in life. And of course a very special mention about my batch mate and a true good friend karthikeyan, well I don`t explicitly use any proper nouns in my blog page, but I really feel he is one guy in my life whom I have not given the due recognition,but I can proudly say he had been one of the pillars in my life here.It had been a mixed life here for me, there were few initiatives which worked and few were disastrous.But at the end I would certainly call this as one of the prominent places which nurtured me,in my preparation for life.

I am gonna miss all those fun we had together and its getting heavier every day, but life is got to move on.Its just going to be less than week we are going to stay together ,hope we make up with poeple whom we missed during this few grains of days left and I just wish every one all the best in all their endeavors in life.

Time To Say Adieu....Its Game Over...

With a heavy heart,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life Never Waits For Emotions....

Every time we look into each other,
The mystery of our looks haunts us,
With each passing day,
Harder the ice seems to freeze,
More thicker it becomes,
More it presents itself translucent.

A curl of long hair,that coils around her ears,
Her deep brown eyes,which often forgets to blink,
Her impeccable elegance which none can match,
I pronounce her an epitome of feminism,
The silhouette of her expressionless face,
with a mystified spookiness,
Is this mystification made me fall for her?

she needs a hand to clutch,To hold on when she stumbles,
For I know she is not flawless or crisis free,
If only I can say,
I am there to lend it,
To fake the melancholy,
To take her back to the infancy,
To enrich her thoughts again,
To the days when it was simple,
And worry was a word very much alien.

Not a hour passes without starring at her,
As she had snapped herself through my inward eye,
Without her, My world portrays itself lonely and lost,
Hope someday my obsession will be reciprocated,
When I wake up,
Sometimes I feel ridiculed,
Sometimes I feel insane,
But I know,no ice can withstand,
The warmth of true love.

Gloominess is one thing that looks invincible,
Sailing in the ocean of uncertainty,
No matter which way the wind blows,
The road is long and the journey is hard,
I realize ,I am here for his purpose,
I will never falter,I will stand tall,
I will move on, I will breath hard,
For I know he will never let me down,
Still looking for that ray of hope,
With my peripheral eyes,
That one day we will together roam the world.