Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life Never Waits For Emotions....

Every time we look into each other,
The mystery of our looks haunts us,
With each passing day,
Harder the ice seems to freeze,
More thicker it becomes,
More it presents itself translucent.

A curl of long hair,that coils around her ears,
Her deep brown eyes,which often forgets to blink,
Her impeccable elegance which none can match,
I pronounce her an epitome of feminism,
The silhouette of her expressionless face,
with a mystified spookiness,
Is this mystification made me fall for her?

she needs a hand to clutch,To hold on when she stumbles,
For I know she is not flawless or crisis free,
If only I can say,
I am there to lend it,
To fake the melancholy,
To take her back to the infancy,
To enrich her thoughts again,
To the days when it was simple,
And worry was a word very much alien.

Not a hour passes without starring at her,
As she had snapped herself through my inward eye,
Without her, My world portrays itself lonely and lost,
Hope someday my obsession will be reciprocated,
When I wake up,
Sometimes I feel ridiculed,
Sometimes I feel insane,
But I know,no ice can withstand,
The warmth of true love.

Gloominess is one thing that looks invincible,
Sailing in the ocean of uncertainty,
No matter which way the wind blows,
The road is long and the journey is hard,
I realize ,I am here for his purpose,
I will never falter,I will stand tall,
I will move on, I will breath hard,
For I know he will never let me down,
Still looking for that ray of hope,
With my peripheral eyes,
That one day we will together roam the world.


N said...

Following karadi's steps?? or WILFED and ot this one :)

venkat said...

chance less boss, I feel that u may sure have some crush I think she may in before of you all time and you were so inspired by her, I can see as word flow, thank from say me as your guru

Anjana Iyer said...

i stopped by your blog in return to ur stopping by mine... and this post... well speechless! splendid stuff :)

Shruti Mukundan said...

i guess this post needs no comments... 'silence' is the word.... like Anjana said, am speechless.