Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The True Invincible.....

I am progressive ,never sustainable,I could sometimes be felt impulsively.I am byproduct of time and catalyzed by desperation. Often people unfurl their sail and wait for the wind only to hope that I would take them to their destiny. Uncannily,few do ascertain their route to navigate across me.You can never ward off me and never always welcome me. So did you get who i am??, if not just hold on .

I am the source of insecurity for those who fail to anticipate me, and the biggest inconvenience to the orthodoxes.The satisfied and happy never want me to reach them soon ,but the needy and wanted wait at the door steps looking out for me.But whichever sphere of life you belong, you can never escape my onslaught.Those with wisdom try predicting me and most others don`t see me coming until I have intruded wholly.Still guessing???

The frogs and caterpillars never complain about me.I don`t mind being a puppet at the hands of those with will or could make you wander like a kite if you surrender yourself. Yes, some say I am at the command of the fate and some say its me who ghost rules the fate . So Who is right??, the truth is both are, it just depends on the way you take me in your life.If you still fail to recognize me, you need just few more lines of patience.

The heavens nor the hell can escape my touch, I am astronomical.I have created the past and I am responsible for the future, no one can contain me and I am not a constant.And earthlings call me the father of novelty.

I have the elixir in my body and death is not in my dictionary.I am "The Truest Of Invincibles".And in your vocabulary you call me "THE CHANGE".

Writing my first blog just days after my engineering,there are couples of things which I can assure myself to be present around me , one is my shadow and other is the invincible "Change".

Waiting to catch the wind with my sails unfurled,


swatimala said...

u have this intelligence tht comes across, tht i like

Shruti Mukundan said...

u knw wat, initially I didnt understand.. after finishing I had to go back again and start reading and that was when I understood what you were talking about. I guess u could convey what you wanted to. good job!