Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Race To The White House........

Finally, the 17 months long mud slinging for the democratic nomination of US presidential election had reached its climax with senator Barack Obama clinching the nominations defeating the favored Hillary Clinton,its been long hard fight which can be literally dubbed as " Racism V/S Female chauvinism ".The entire democratic race reminds me of the hare and tortoise story, considered to be a underdog and too inexperienced for the post of president, Obama had proved speculators wrong by winning the nominations substantially and this in spite Hillary`s overwhelming popularity and the status of former first lady with unconditional support from her husband.

And remember "December,1, 1955", the day associated with the legendary black civil right activist Rosa Parks who refused to give her seat away in a city bus to a white man and was legally prosecuted for her act. Its been just three generations since the abolition of slavery in America and hardly a generation has passed from the time Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks lead the civil right movements in America.It was not until 1870 when the US government census declared American state free of slavery in all forms.And it all sounds a little dreamy realizing the events taking place in this country for the past year and half.

How many of those blacks slaves in those deterring conditions would have thought that one day one of their grandsons is going to be ruler of their super power nation and become the leader of the siblings of their masters. It does`t matter whether Senator Barack Obama wins the November presidential elections against his fellow Republican or not, but he has certainly changed the face of American politics.America is considered as "Land of opportunities" ,if you deserve it,you get it and Mr.obama`s candidacy has proven this point beyond doubt.

A poll conducted in Germany reveal that 60% percent of the nation wanted Barack Obama to become the next US president.Its so heaving to find this change in the attitude of the world at large ,it was not too long ago when Adolf Hitler starred in disgrace at Jesse Owens,When he won five gold medals at the Berlin Olympics ,virtually shattering Hitler`s campaign of the superior Aryan race.

But for now,its time for celebration in the heartland of Africa,Yes the entire nation of Kenya,the country of origin of Mr.Obama is going wild, its one of the sons of their nation is on the road to assume office at the power house of the world.

Its obvious this hell of a campaign had left the party split apart but,Its time for the democrats to resolve their differences and put their weight behind winning the November elections,as most of the Americans and the world at large are sick of Bush and the republicans, and electing John Mcaine would certainly be nothing short of third term Bush administration under his disguise.


swatimala said...

tht was very interesting...keep writing

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Shruti Mukundan said...

politics... prob the least interesting thing for me.. but i followed obama in n out..!! his story was more like viewing a movie "emotional movie" .. d kind i like :)

but good for all he won. one of my very close friend went al the way to US to b a part of his oath taking ceremony..!!