Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Peek Into One Of My Nocturnal Days.......

Its been almost four weeks I have written anything, as I was hibernating from by blog page, the reality is my life had turned nocturnal. Yup,the Owls, the Bats and me , we all work for a living on the same time zone, thats life at a call center.

My alarm tone on my mobile " Jame Raho" from Taare Zammen Par, which rings exactly 2 45 am in the morning[of course its deep night for most]. Up,Up,Up I tell myself the cab is going to be any moment here now,its my big day I am gonna take my " Berlitz "test[ Berlitz is a conversational voice and accent test,conducted by an American firm and dare you flunk it, you will be thrown out of the process and I tell you what I was really in love with my process and I just can`t afford to be thrown out ,hope you could sense my pressure] , into the bathroom having a quick cold shower, and i heard a very familiar song , Ooops its my mobile with my customized " Hutch Song " ring tone, its him, my driver and I quickly get myself into a full sleeve shirt without unbuttoning it like a t shirt and my jean,oh yeah its here and comb my hair, take my mobile, wallet ,watch and hey hey where the heck did I put the ID card , the note pad and off quickly,as I climb down the stairs , I realize I could have so well taken up long jump as my career.

As I get into the cab, this girl with long hair and bright red lipstick and whole lot of powdery makeup stuff ,greets me with a "Hi" , oh boy she scared the hell out of me when I first saw her, my cab mate,Shobna.

Off we go, taking on 85 km/hr and the clear ,cool breeze smashing on my face as if to slap on me waking me up from semi consciousness, as i look outside the window, I have never seen my big beautiful home town in this attire,she is so gorgeous at night, a empty brightly lit electric train passes over the bridge across the road with its own characteristic takh..takh..sound echoing all around us, and the sodium vapour lamps painting the entire city yellow . I had never heard such a silence in mount road almost posing a haunted look, its so contrasting how the arterial road is gonna transform itself in few hours from now.With a light drizzle outside and "kadhal rojave" playing in the car stereo,it was certainly one of the best start to the day at office.

As we enter Greams road ,the bold halogen lit name board of my company "HCL" welcomes me as if to say, get your guts right today or you could be eaten up. Into the lift , I make conscious effort not to stare at any one, " ting tong ", I am on sixth floor rushing into cafeteria to get my regular cup of boost[ secret of my energy ah...we will put that to test today,hopefully it works]. My friends greet with a big " Hi" , which reverberates through the entire cafeteria " Man are you ready for the Berlitz??", I try to reply them with my atmost humbleness ,"Kinda of dudes".

My friends Ajay and Saritha are scheduled to take their Berlitz along with me ,and in no time the clock strikes 9 00am and we are into the cabin where the test is to be taken, its ladies first and Saritha takes her chance with American over the phone,followed by Ajay and looks like those folks have done really well and I am next, my supervisor makes a call and hands the receiver to me .

Assessor : My name is John cranky from LA and I am gonna be your assessor today, may I know your name.

Myself : I am karthick Selvaraj...K as in kilo, A as in alpha, R as in Romeo......J as in Juliet.

we talked about the weather,my dream holiday , my weekend , hobbies and on and on....

.....and John and me were talking for nearly fifteen minutes, I know my rate of speech was so high that even French TGV and the Bullet train would have shyed away from me and the conversation was done and the test was thankfully over ,more than begin relived I was really getting nervous about the result .

Its was mid afternoon my process trainer got us the results , I was staring through the computer monitor eagerly searching for my grade and I almost forgot that I am a human who is supposed blink and breathe "AND YEEEEEEES!!!" and I did it I got through, I got a B2 , thats the grade which gets me through the test.My entire world was slowly getting back to normalcy and unfortunately many of my colleagues who took the test along with me flunked it,so i retracted a little to control my excitement and otherwise my buddies now how I would be jumping on top of the roof.

I came back home by 4 00 that evening, had small snack and off to bed by 6 pm,my sleep laden heavy eyelids shut instantly [ its quite uncanny time to get sleep but I was exhausted to the core with the day`s activities]. And finally i gained my consciousness when " jame raho" was blaring from my mobile, its is the start of another day dude!!!.

With birds chirping around my head,