Saturday, November 8, 2008

I destroyed her life in matter of minutes....

Its been long I have put anything on this page ,just I was gathering some thoughts about writing something ,I felt may be I could make very candid confession on something for which I regretted so much and still do regret,something which I have been feeling so guilty about,I think it time to pour it out.

I can hear you speculating whats the sin and why is is this so candid,and the degree of its heinousness, in one line all I could say ,

" I destroyed a women`s life in just about a matter minutes".

Well true to your guess , yes I should have been behind bars for this "sin or the crime" in whatever terms you would like to put it,but for the reason there was no legislation to convict me and more so the the women was so shattered that she definitely had no strength to sue me on my crime.

What did i do? I am going to get it as candid as possible..

The time on the clock was 3: 30 am,pitch dark outside cold window , I could hardly remember the date,but i am sure it was Saturday.It just started as a casual conversation,she was sweet,she was polite and she was desperately in need of help.I did promise to help her, as i always do for anyone who knocked at my doors, but I never had the faintest of idea that the devil in me is soon going to take over me.She was on her couch with her laptop and me on the chair in front of a PC trying to reach a conclusion on her troubled head, all was going on well until it happened.To a lady who wished asylum under me and all I did was destroy her life within a matter of minutes.

May be i should not have done that or should i have thought twice before i did that,
Boy, i could still hear her terrorized voice in my ears, screaming , shouting,moaning and yelling, all i did was let my ears go dumb.

[Cut the crap and stop letting your imagination run wild :)....]

The crime scene was half way across the world , her name Mrs.Ferguson,
Location1: Somewhere in the middle of Texas,
Location2: Deep down Greams road ,fifth floor HCL BPO.

Crime I committed : Reset Mrs.Ferguson most valued decade old password,which was so much part of her daily life and screwed up her entire network in the process as she had a third party router in between which was protected by a another master password which was set by her husband and as result i could not get into the router for an upgradation .

My damn mistake: I assumed that it was a 2 wire modem cum router like most of the customers have while she was actually using a third party Belkin router and I have to pay for my assumptions as I had done all my life.

Rest of the episode which happened on the call which was undoubtedly the longest[2hours] I took in my four month stint at HCL, you must certainly listen it in Ms.Ferguson own words.[I just cannot forgot even single word of that last 15 minutes of the call..]

"Congratulation!!! Thank u so much for screwing up my entire life. You Have destroyed my one decade of life in matter of minutes..Thank you..Thank you so very much..[She was in tears by then..].You know something I had this password for the past ten years, and i could recollect it even in the middle of my sleep, u have screwed my entire life thank you so very much.Wow!!whats more and you say i will lose connection on my entire network,Thank You for destroying my whole life"

I did try to suggest her other alternative ways to get things back as they were ,but she got too irate to listen to me and with pressure from my mentors and team lead i had to go dumb to all her frustration and yelling as it was almost two hours into the call and finally she hung up exhausted.

To many people it may not sound as the most heinous crime on the law book , but messing up with someone`s personalization according to me is a crime.
I could only guess what the password could have meant to her.
It could have been her first crush`s name which she wanted to cherish all her life through her password.
It could have been her deceased mother`s name or fathers name or just about something of chain of alphabets she valued so much.One thing is for sure I had no business messing up with it.

God shower your grace upon me, please forgive me for my sin !!!

PS: I tried to look into her records after nearly a month to find out whether she had called back the customer support ,Nay she never did, I am sure after speaking to me that day ,I am sure she will never do it all her life.

On a very apologetic tone ,


Niranjan said...

Hope she reads it and understands your true feelings.

ramya said...

It happens when you work You learn from your mistakes and you wont make such mistakes again

GAYATHRI said...

lol!!tat was very sad!!i ve got similar scoldins for messin up things of my friends too!!lol

Shruti Mukundan said...

i would say that was a bit unfortunate to hav happened... if i would have beeen in her place, i would def have shot u for that. i guess everyone has a very spl foundness for their 'passwords'.. after all it takes so much of logic to decide on one and that too u cant show arund to ur frds! but this incident would def safe-guard many other precious passwords ;) realising a mistake is like correcting it. at-least u wont repeat!

Praveen said...

Hey Karthik,

I have been reading ur blogs on and off.Here is my maiden comment!!. Every blog that i ve read so far is excellent and this one is a level above for the way you have scripted the entire thing.Man,You have a great writer in you.I was completely captivated that the entire scene was running in my mind.Good Work da!.I enjoyed reading:)

Praveen said...

Hey Karthik,

I have reading your blogs on and off. Here s my maiden comment!!. Every blog that i read so far is excellent and this one for the way you have scripted the entire thing.In this case i could actually empathize with you!I too have screwed up customers!.You have a great writer in you and i was so captivated that dint evenn blink till i finished reading.Good Work da.I enjoyed reading:)

Preeti Shankar said...

Its always nice to write down such incidents.They give you a reason to laugh ( not only to thee but also others; except the victim)every time you read them.

Preeti Shankar said...

Its always nice to write down such incidents.They give us a reason to laugh every time we read it, exception being the victim ;)

Karthick said...

@Preeti : Yup..!! :D