Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Post-II

Oh well its time for the last post of the year ,an extract of tete`-a-tete` between the angel(trying to be as candid as possible) and the devil(trying to be a wise devil`s advocate) ..so here it goes..

Describe this year in one word ?

Why get stingy with just one word? Give me a moment let me get my oxford thesaurus,
So here you go I can call this year as-
Pathetic,Turbulent,Pitiful,Lamenting,annoying,distressing,apprehensive,exasperating,pestering,tormenting and overall I could just describe it as a complete hullabaloo.

Best thing that happened ?
(Hold on I am scratching my head) well..okay..lemmme see...hmmm...oh ya I guess graduation was a pretty decent thing that happened but certainly not a Utopian moment to graduate with the recession eating your head.

Worst thing that happened?

I can answer this in one word- almost "EVERYTHING" .

Most satisfying moment?

It was quite heartening to see the Australian arrogance crumble like cookies against Indians and the proteas.(felt like heaven)

YouTube pick of the year?

Sarah Palin pranked- Its always so entertaining to watch beautiful women getting so embarrassingly pranked . (impeccableness is short lived!!)


Crush list for the year?

Gosh!! you really cannot expect long list after a horrendous year,any way I have promised to stay as candid as possible on my blog page ,so with due acknowledgment to the consistency of my reputation I think I should give it away.

I wonder you can call it a list , there is only one name on and it is אנוושא .( I know you have better work to do than trying to decipher it!!)

Most weird news ?

A YOUNG woman in southern China has partially lost her hearing after her boyfriend ruptured her eardrum during an excessively passionate kiss.

The 20-something girl from Zhuhai, in southern Guangdong province, went to hospital completely deaf in her left ear, the China Daily said, citing a report in a local newspaper.

"The kiss reduced pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear," say the doctors.

Doctors say the woman's hearing would likely return to normal after about two months.

"While kissing is normally very safe, doctors advise people to proceed with caution," the paper said.

( wow!! cost for being tooooooo passionate i suppose!!!worthy cautionary note)


Longest Telephonic conversation?

2hrs 23mins 43secs-( It was not with my sweet heart,it was with the old lady in the middle no where,whose dogs`s name was supposedly i think is courage)

Heroes of the year?

Mr.President elect of US -for the obvious reason
Vishy- For pulverizing the Russians on the checkered board.

Best Documentary?

The History channel - Mayan Doomsday.
Mayans predict the end of the world to be on 21 dec 2012 ( Quite intriguing ah!!)

(guess that's the only way in sight to end this recession!!!)

Best movie --

TZP - Amir and company brought my entire childhood in front of my eyes.

And of course I enjoyed watching the Madagascar sequel as well.

Best song--

TZP- Maa ( Shankar`s trio deserved to be called the best in the business just for this very number)
Vaarnam Ayiram- Munthinam Parthenay( Liked the spanish tango kinda style of harris,hope it was not a case of plagiarism)
Guzarish and jai ho also deserves to be on the list.( business as usual for ARR)

Most Romantic day/moment of the year?

Oh really I had some thing like that????damn --Forget it!!!

Worst Nightmare?

Me and friends were being held hostage at our school and with the terrorist gunning down each of us in perfect executioners style and I happened to be the last in the line and quite obviously when the trigger was held right against me I woke up .( Ram gopal Verma here I come!!!)

Best quote?

" Teach me not to cry for the moon,nor over spilt milk" ( somewhere in Dale Carnegie`s books)

I read this in my orkut fortune of the day some time back-
" If fate means me to lose ,I will die fighting" ( situational quote I guess)

Oddest meal/snack?

Tandoori pizza- (I am sure any Spaniard who happens to see what we had done to their exquisite cuisine, for sure would hang himself,anyway it din`t taste so bad after all)

Most scarcest ?

Happiness, Fulfillment,Thrill , Excitement.......

Most abundant?

Of course the hero was "Mundaness" what what else!

New year resolution?

I don't believe in new year resolutions - Any way- I need to start living life better.

How do you reckon the next year to be?

I am least bothered how the next year would be ,I am just looking forward for a definitive path in my career that is all.( Oh Mighty god is that such a tough grant??).

Wishing" A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR " to all my friends and blog readers,



ramya said...

Have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Shruti Mukundan said...

Hey nice post..

I guess a good summary of d yr... i was actually recollecting wat al happened to me last yr with each "question" of urs...

I wish ur post was a bit longer... had a good time reading. keep posting!

Meens said...

Hahahaa!! really good one!! and thoughts are pen down in a very beautiful way!!!:) i liked a lot of things in ur blog, the most satisfying moment, crush of the year..( so u have a crush every yr is it :P) and the most weird news of the yr!! very good one indeed!! keep blogging :)

Karthick said...

well y one crush per yr is a very bleak rate ah..??..!! :P cant keep life to stagnant LOL :)