Saturday, July 25, 2009

Incognito World....

Right from a very young age there is one thing I kept hearing all the time "Have Appreciation for the things around you",for the air you breath,food you eat and for all the gifts you have blessed with.By the time I was 15 this quotes virtually numbed my ears. May be its just that I grew up too skeptical.
But then it also happened to be the time I grew up as a full time skeptic.

There was this chapter in my 10th std biology textbook on animal mimics.Why does a zebra have black & white stripes, to create an illusion ,Why are lions colored yellowish,because they can camouflage themselves in dry grassland bushes.O Really!!"I never knew that"!!!!.

It was not until some three months after later. I was spending some empty time in my school library I took up this giant book book on wildlife encyclopedia to my table to read(Of course there were quite a lot of sarcastic smiles seeing me carrying such a huge book).

And I was going through this chapter on natural selection.
The two snaps which made me a full time skeptic in life...

The above one is called "dying" leaf-mimic katydid, whose natural selection had mimicked a dying leaf.Well that was cool , but I thought the next one was absolute brain burner.

Its called the bee orchid.Look a little closely at the stigmata of the above pic,its had mimicked a female bee .And the notes below the pic read as,"As the male bees try to mate with bogus female bee structure of the flower,the pollens sticks to the male bee's body and helps in pollination of the species":natural section of a bee orchid.

So there was this whole torrent of questions impounding my head,(so you can infer there weren't too may girls in the library to get distracted).How did it know the mechanism of reproduction of such a highly complex social creature like the bee?Well atleast the dying leaf katydid had a vision to show how a dying leaf looks like .The plant is immobile,its got no vision,its got no brains to process, yet could achieve such a selection .Being a hard core skeptic, It was just too difficult to accept it as nature or creation.

But it was my long time thought to write post on this topic,but then I wanted it to be reserved until I get some kinda of answers to my impregnated question marks.

A couple of weeks back I was reading this book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne ,passed to me by a friend.I started it a little casually,but well after a few pages,I couldn't take things as causally as I wanted, The books just consolidates into a one liner " Ask and you shall receive ", well sounded like a some biblical quote to me at first, but as I went scrolling through the pages of the book,the enlightenment wasn't far away.

So,summarizing this 300odd page book in single phrase,it says " Whatever you truly wish,ask and feel, the universe will get it to you from out of the blues"(Just don't ask when and how).( Well sounded like a dialogue from Sharukhs movie).This book did juice up my nucleus.

So the wish of the dying leaf kaydid was to survive.So the universe finds a solution,camouflaging its species like a dying leaf on the floor of the rain forest.

And the bee orchid wish to pollinate effectively,was translated in getting it a bee shaped structure in its stigmata.

So the needs of this species,which you call as their as their wish was granted to them in ways you can`t possibly imagine.Its just that we don't have a clue about how the universe gets it done.

Its like just imagine some three centuries back , you told someone ,that you could talk to someone distant on another shore without anyone in between hearing you conversation ,through some invisible medium.There could be only two things that could happened either you would have been called a psychic or a lunatic.
But we all do this every day in our lives today.A thing which sounded lunatic a three centuries back is reality today,with complete conceptual understanding of how we could make it happen.

We don't see the EMF waves of a cell phones,we don't feel radio waves,we don't visualize infra red, we don't hear ultra sound but then we all know it exists.

So the point is just because we don't see things and just because we don't feel things and just because some nerds haven't written it down in our science books just doesn't mean things don't exist.

Its just that we make use of so many abstract utilities, in ways we actually don't realize and the power of universe is one of them.So may be some day,sometime down the decades or down the centuries we would get some clue about how the universe makes it all happen,we could possibly make use of it effectively.

How many times you have used the Phrase " I know I will get it" ,you actually feel when you are getting your elusive wish inching closer to you.
How many times have you said," I always knew something is going to prevent it from happening " and some stupid thing did prevent you from getting it.

Well that was the core conceptualization of the book "The Secret","Your wish is the universe's command".

The times when you have got hurt and you are too conscious that you don't get hurt again in the same spot and that's exactly what happens,the universe laughs at you in sarcasm,you wished I granted it.

The power of perception is bit deeper than it actually seems,every individual perception and action actually affects every one else ,after all we are one connected entity.

Would you believe as you are reading this blog of mine,you are actually in complete contact with me all the time,well if you say a "NO".Well think again, at macroscopic level of general human perception you are right in a way, zoom down your microscope a little, you are made up atoms and electrons and the air around touching you is made up up of atoms and electrons and the same air touches me as well so atomically we are in contact with each other all the time.

If you yell at me I hear it because the waves cascade through the air to my ear buds,So eventually , our feelings ,emotions and our states of perception is actually conveyed to every other thing in the universe because we are in connected with each other atomically as a single entity.

Hitler as a soldier was battered and tired after world war I ,all he wanted was to marry this Jewish girl he was in love with for four years and never proposed to her,he wanted to marry her and settle as a teacher in some downtown place in Germany.But that dint happen,may be the girl had other plans.Hitler went back to the army and the rest is history.

So its just that how a happening or unhappening of an event actually effect every individual of this connected entity.

Humanity so proud of its achievements ,with all those hi tech gadgetry around we can certainly get our collars up.Just looking at it a little closer you would realize the most of things around us had been invented only a century ago.And a century just a impulse in the chronology of human existence of 10,000 yrs plus,so what were we doing all this days,napping around..??.Even a half a century back the main mode of transport would be a bull cart which we is been in use since the day of existence of humanity and all of a sudden with a matter of a few decades we driving at 300 miles per hour. Don't you think its a psychological evolution happening at break neck pace.So who did ??Or may be we Should ask what made us do it??
Its our won desire and our own wishes.Its how acquisition of one desired things leads to another desire and the domino effect is what we are today.

Every religion,every prayer and every form non spiritual, conscious or unconscious wish refers to just one implicit,abstract entity .
The secret called it as the "universe" ,I and you could call it "supreme being" others may call it " Destiny", but at the end ,the past and present teaches only one thing we all together create our future.

The multifarious ,fancy wishes are not just not restricted to katydid or bee orchid, We too are part of the same universe, so wish and wish deep and convey it to the universe,and when the universe can grant such convoluted desires to them ,it can very well grant our humble wishes as well.It had granted us before and it will keep granting us in the future,if only we could make our wish loud and clear.

In efforts to passing my wishes to the universe,


deepika said...

Hey that was a good one :) i didnt know that "the secret" had such an impact on you.
Thoughts do have lot of power as thoughts are energy and you can make your world or break it with your thoughts.
It's only a thought, and a thought can be changed.

cheers !!!

Shruti Mukundan said...

I wish u write more frequently! seriously!! now i understood y u were so excited about that book... got it completely now. that bee orchid example was mind blowing! n i never knew Hitler's love story. yeah quite good number of points u have taken up. last para esply... so true... i didnt realize it b4, the growth n development in science from the quantum mech level to the relativistic mechanics, all started just around 1800 A.D. n the very minute it started till today, there has been immense development with no look back. yeah so tru.. its happening coz we wished for it. we want out children to know the science of our existence, n they wil sure get to know all the secret mysteries of universe now that we have wished for it, universe will get it to us sooner!

lovely blog buddy!!

Karthick said...

@deepika: Well, guess actually it did make lot of impact on me,it was perfect bread crumb for me ,never knew i could find answers so many of my paradoxes with the book.
so thanks for the comment as well as the book cuty!!!

@shruti :Well,tat was the big deal all about,the moment i finished the book,i had so many events to relate to, all i had to do was type it down,thanks to the "SECRET".I really do wish i blog more frequently .Thanks for the comments buddy!!

Adisha said...

Wow !!! It's funny the things that have such immense influence on us ... We are such a small part of such a big process ... yet with a positive attitude we can change anything ...

And those examples you have given are just beyond amazing ... very insightful post !!

Karthick said...

@adisha : Thank u so much adisha, hope to get more of ur views on my thoughts, i have this disease of over thinking, cant help it, my page is there to take it all :)..

ramya said...

Oh! I never knew that WE were atoms and electrons. I thought we are cells and DNA! Never knew that humans had electrons in them, I still am doubtful!
This whole post seems to be based on that dialogue of Om Shanti Om!
Never knew about Hitler's love! May be that's why he took so many brutal measures against Jews!
And, the discoveries I'm sure would have started long before than just a century before. The old concepts were faulty, but created a base for formation on new concepts. Eg - Mendleev's Periodic Table to Moseley's periodic table! :-)

you've just got to have some passion towards your wish, then you would automatically get it fulfilled. Hey wait! Wasn't that the dialogue? "Agar tumne pure dil se kisi cheez ko paane shidad ki hai, tho pure jhahaan ne tumhe uss se milane ki saajish ki hai" :-)
Lovely post, pleasant, yet deep :-)

Karthick said...

@Ramya: hey ramya,first thing first thanks for ur thoughtful comments yaar.

yeah ur absolutely correct, we are made up of cells and DNA, but the point is, I want u to zoom ur microscope a little deeper, proteins are the building blocks of cells , and proteins are made up of amino acids and acids are made up of atoms and atoms are made of electrons,at the end of the day everything in the universe is made of atoms and electrons including all living or non living beings.

And for the Hitler story I dont know whether he hated Jews for that reason because his GF ditched him, but the point is Hitler was basically a christian by birth and most Christians hate jews bcoz they think jews were the people who prosecuted Jesus Christ ,so that could also be one of the reasons y he hated jews.But the thing i wanted to highlight here was if only he married tht Jewish girl he wudnt not have become dictator and the world wud not have seen so much of atrocity and that one incidence made so much of a difference.

And about the discoveries if u notice a litle carefully,almost every techy gadgets wat we have today actually was invented as result of industrial revolution in 18th cetuary ,and the revoulution happened because there was a suden increase in demand with a fluctuating increase in population and as the saying goes "necessity is the mother of all invention" , tats wat triggered most of all luxuries we we spent so many millennium napping around and our culminated wishes triggered one big revolution which actually changed the world within a couple of centuries.

And yeah they were so many people who said they felt this post was actually inspired from the dialogue in the movie Om Shanti Om, but the actually the post was inspired from a book called "The Secret",which talks about hw our wishes are translated into true grants.May be u cud give a try to this book,honestly its really worth reading.