Thursday, October 22, 2009

Colorful Tears...

How did you weigh,what you meant to me,
I wished for a walk ,
In the drizzle of the evening,
Never alone but with you,
I Wished,You gripped my fingers tight ,
On the scariest roller coaster ride,
I wished together, To dream ,To star gaze,
You are my music ,you are my breath.

I wished ,I prayed, why wasn't I all along,
Holding your tender young hand,
Looking into ignorant wet eyes,
Wiping your tears with mine every time ,
Wished our touches healed our childhood aches,
I cry, I shout, "why god why?",
Why did he deny such pleasures with you?
How heavily did I sin?

Your laughs ,your smiles ringing hard ,
Still justifying all you did,
Wishing to understand ,it wasn't your fault,
May be its my cascaded wrongs,
I wish,I wake up in the morning,
We are the lonely souls left,
Atleast then you got to answer none.

May be its our crabby introvert-ism,
We couldn't break our shells ,
To swim in the undefined ocean,
I wish our shells were brittle,
And our armor of love,
Strong enough to pulverize it.

Still pondering how could,
My affection translate into hatred,
May be I was aggressively insensitive,
But none were engaged to impart a scratch,
Enmity & Ego kill themselves between us,
I saw you as shadow of my soul,
Wished you realized close.

A couple of tears,
Is that all you could grant ?
I wished little more greedy,
I wished you for eternity.

I wish I get another chance,
I learned it all now,
Don`t go sit near impossible,
Shy away ,Come sit next to me,
That`s all you will ever need.

I see you all the while,
In each being I meet,
Jigsawing you around the clock,
Every fickle of time we spent,
Gave me the all the highs of life,
I wish to hear you hum,
That`s all I would ever need.

Of all I wished,
Its just one , I wish deep,
I wish never to fade away,
From your thoughts of retention,
But still, Of everything you spoke,
Its one phrase that loops incessantly,
"Chances are never given,I got take my own",
I wish I want to,I don`t know I could.


Shruti Mukundan said...

its painful... err!! damn!! damn!! damn!! never wanted this for u... gosh! i wish i could do sumthing... hell!! it hurts so badly!!!

Karthick said...

Yup!! I forgot Make another wish..
Wish "YOU" had the magic "WAND" :)

aninda said...

touchy but ...i dont kno u personally so cant really throw a comment

AKMA said...

nice one! really sensitive!!

deepika said...

hey that was truly mesmerizing..really good :) but then wish i could know for whom it was for..great work mate!!

Karthick said...

@Deepika: Atleast it was not flabbergasting this time!! :)Your Wish will be granted soon!! :)Thanks..!!

Thousif Raza said...

those are some words dude, i mean words i think i will never forget, kya likhte ho yaar, ummmahh :P

loved it loved it loved it :)

plz write more ok :), would love to read more

take care and keep writing.....

Shruti Mukundan said...

u r tagged buddy!! check up my blog and accept ur award :)

Karthick said...

@Thousif: Thanks mate..!! More coming up..!!

Sumathy said...

Iam throughly impressed.wanna read more.

Sumathy said...

Iam throughly impressed.My impression bout u has changed from now. great work. wanna read more from you


ohh...that was painful and so very real...!!!

felt every bit of emotion seeping my skin...

keep writing...