Saturday, May 8, 2010

Will You Hop Over The Skies..!!

The most astonishing and exciting thing about life lies in its uncertainty.The temperament ,the courage and deep rooted faith it takes to face the zone of darkness.Its sometimes like the game of Red Alert, the black clouds clear as and when you negotiate the path you choose to stroll. And some how some way you think the dots will connect and all that happens is for good.

" Okay !! Okay !! Alright !! I could psych whats running on your mind!! HOOOF ..BOY!! DAMN!! . This guy started again with another post on life and philosophy and brain twisting nonsense with crazy some nerdy concepts.

Hey listen..!! If You had read my last post, I did try writing the most romantic poem of my life for the girl I thought was the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet, but then only to hear her say "I HATE YOU karthick"(I deliberately put my name in lowercase inside the quotes to signify how small I felt when she uttered those words). So then what do you expect me to do.So I just thought, I could get back doing what I do best, write philosophies , make some pot stirring analysis on some crappy stuff and discuss a prophecy on when the world is going to end and wish for the best that Mayans did get it right.

But then since so may of my readers enjoyed reading my the last post of poetry far more than what she did , I thought I could dump in a romantic love story which I have been chewing around my mind for quite sometime.This is not a true story but a story which is going to be true in the future. How do I know that this story is going to be true in the future?? Haven't you jerks heard about " Collective Unconsciousness" ,if not try searching Google or email me when your done reading the story.

Chapter 1:

His name was Hanshu, logged into the most asshole stuff ever invented in human history "The Internet". ( There are few profanities in post , reader discretion advised!!). Hanshu looks at his computer clock on his new classy "Ubantu" laptop, it reads Saturday, July, 6, 2335,( It also happens to be the 150th anniversary of the fall of Microsoft windows), waiting for his long time friend Violet whom he met 5 years ago. Her b`day is just 2 days away , its been a while since he realized that he had fallen in love with her ,so Hanshu plans to propose to her on her b`day with a surprise gift.

Chapter 2:

The atmosphere outside is pale ,grey, acidic, corrosive and foggy, after world war 2.5 , the entire planet had transformed into a junk yard.People live in their enclosed capsules supplied with artificially generated oxygen and energy pills which keeps their organs pumping.The environment outside the capsule is venomous and lethal ,choked with deadly pollutants. Any one who ventures outside is certain to have their karmas evaluated by the gods of the heaven. Everything happens from within isolated the capsules in which the families live . Hanshu reports to his boss who is 9000 miles away in Princeton ,NJ and he works with his colleague Riya on joint project who stays few blocks away.Hanshu had never shook a hand with his boss or colleague. Every coordination is done thought chats, sleekly Cisco IP phones, and of course the old school emails.All communications between capsules, all socialization, friendships,work communications was all done digitally. No body gets to see anybody.No physical contacts,No eye contacts, its all ones and zeroes now.

Chapter 3:

Every family spends its lifetime earnings not a lavish wedding but to hire a capsule for the newly wedded couple and rent a corrosion resistant mobile vehicle to get the couples into their new homes to sustain their rudimentary code of life , "protect their species from extinction". That`s the only time in their life they actually makes physical contact with another human other than their immediate family within their own capsule .Until then its all webcams, phone flirts and digital kisses if you ever wanna hit on somebody.

Chapter 4:

As Hanshu waits for Violet , his best friend for life, Shropa peeps online.Hanshu asks Shropa " Do u think she will accept my proposal?" . Shropa comforts Hanshu "Come on buddy stay cool, things will be okay!!Everybody goes through this". she assures him, she will right there with him throughout the ordeal.

Violet pops in and greets Hanshu with a big Haayieeee..!! Hanshu could help do anything but count his heartbeats, he tells violet he got special gift for her bday and he had written something special for her too. Violet, blushes on her cam and says "Its ringing bells somewhere Hanshu, I will look forward for it".Hanshu too smiles and says good night to his sweet heart.

Chapter 5:

Big day, Hanshu hadn't slept all night.He had written a poetry for his sweetheart ,he had never done such romantic things before , he was nervous , excited, thrilled, and all elements that that makes a guy go weird .

Violet's name flashes towards right hand bottom of his screen, with a status message Busy. Hanshu retreats for sometime, and wonders "she is busy on her bday"?, and looks into the heavens , "God why this girls always have to be so crazy". He buzzes her gingerly, after an annoying multiple seconds, then up comes a reply " on phone 1 min plzz srry!". Hanshu replies " np wil wait :)". After a painful 4 mins 32 secs Violet buzzes back, " yeah tell me".

Hanshu : " Haapy bday violet" :).

Violet : "Hey thank U!! :)

Hanshu :Hey I got a gift for U..

Violet : Oh thank u . wats it???

Hanshu : see this

[after some 3 mins]

Violet : That was so so awesome Hanshu .Thats truly great work.

Hanshu : I wrote it for U.

Violet : for mee?? Great Thanks!!
[Hanshu Goes for the kill, with this heart in his mouth he tells her]

Hanshu : Violet I am deeply in in love with you , will you marry me ??

[he loved her with all his heart]

[after a brief pause...]

Violet : heyyyy!!wat..??

Hanshu: I mean " whats your problem violet" We are great friends and think we can be great couples too and I wanna see you happy everyday in my life.

Violet : Hey Hanshu, but i had never thought about all this, may be i should leave all this complication to "Nupes and Dupes" next year.

( "Nupes and Dupes" is an annual event where parents looks for suitable partner for their children when a matrimony software from IBM written in COBOL rips through their DB2 database to finds best match, based on the profile input.)

Hanshu : hey violet , that's okay , but don't you think that's too random, hey you know me so well and we have been friends for so long and we both are like each other and we have so much in common.

Violet : Hey Hanshu my dads calling I got to go. I really don`t know what to say.

[She logs off without an answer]

chapter 6 :

That night Hanshu had the sleep of his life . He slept like a baby, he was so much relived that he let everything out. Next morning he wakes up and logs into his chat engine as usual, only to make his heart pound again , he sees violet .Hanshu makes a reluctant buzz.Violet says a "hi" . Hanshu asks violet " You dint answer me yet ".

Violet : Hey Hanshu get this stupid thoughts out of your mind , I never saw you this way.

Hanshu : You never saw me tat way..?

Violet : Yeah Hanshu, just talking over this cams ,chats and phones and messages doesn't not translate into love .

[Hanshu was too damn broke ]

Hanshu : But then you atleast know me so much , but you never even know what that dumb asshole COBOL algorithm is gonna get for you , you just wanna go live with some random guy selected by a machine??

Violet : am perfectly okay with it.!!

Hanshu tried to convince violet , But in vain. So he just let her do what ever she wants to do .Anything which keeps her happy.

Chapter 7 :

One night with the thoughts of violet still lingering in this mind, He wondered why couldn't he make violet feel his true love. The hammer finally hit him.

Enlightenment was around the corner . He never got to look into her true eyes.He never made her listen to his true human voice. He never touched her hands.He never got sit close to her .He never hugged her .He never kissed her .

He cried, tears rolled down his eyes , he wished he could lived like his ancestors. Hugging and kissing their loved ones like they once did. But he couldn't help it. He couldn't have ventured out to do this , as his ancestors had already eaten this planet. They have turned it into a piece of junk. He couldn't help but blame the humanity of the past. He wished he could lived those times when things were far more intimate and may be Violet could have felt his love better.

Virtualism was universal, the cards he sent , the gifts he gave , the talks he had, everything was graphical, everything was just polished binary ones and zeroes.Right from his boss ,his colleagues , his work, his best friend,his dear girl everything was real but yet so unreal. Everything was so physically present but so so far to be touched.Helplessness was omnipresent.

He lays on his bed looking over the false ceiling of his capsule with tears in his eyes , his eyelids give way for calm good night sleep.

You jerks still dint get what I was trying to say..???Are you still waiting for the moral of the story..??

Wake up you idiots , stop flirting online , stop going virtual, stop spending your life in front of a lifeless machine . you still have the chance to hug the person you love, to kiss them, show them what they mean to you. You still have real cards, real gifts and real flowers left.You are still 300 years away from this this gruesome situation.Go get real. Stop making proposals on phone . Commit your online suicide now. Are you still searching for the comment link to leave me a comment on this post , you must be really kidding..!!

Conceived and directed by,

[All characters in this post are purely fictional and yet to be true , if there are any resemblance to any real person or incident is purely coincidental and uncalled for.Usage of profanities in this post was purely for the purpose of the script of the story and not be taken personally]

"Save Trees, Save Planet Earth " or "else you will not be able save even your gf/bf".(LOL..!!)