Sunday, February 13, 2011


Caught in the middle of nowhere,
Tied over the cliff,immobile,
Struggling to free my self,
A shine,brilliantly bright and yellow,
Bright enough to choke my eyes,
I wink in agony,I could see none,
I feel the heat of the light ,
Skimming around my temples,
A scintillating pain,
Setting my survival instinct,
I shout my gods name,
Save me,take it all,
Save me,just save me from whatever it may,
I am muted, I cant hear my own voice,
I jerk out with huge breath in,
Thumping of my heart blocks my ears.

I run to her,I hold her hand,
Forgive me for all , I said,
Its was never meant to be that,
I cup her face with my palms,
Staring into those, feeble eyes,
To make you feel me as your own,
Lets Cuddle up like kittens,
Is this a smile? Is this a nod?
We run, we run wildly,
Over some endless stretch of sand,
The feeling of owning her, to my self,
Pars past thousand doses of dope,
With her laughter echoing thorough the breeze,
The word happiness sounds so obsolete.

I hit something, Its painful,
It radiates though my head,
I hit the wood of my bed,
Its just another instance,
Of me sleeping over my trouble,
Wishing somehow,someway,something,
Would solve it for me,
A dream within dream,
From virtual pain to virtual pleasure,
To Real pain ,the journey is mesmerizing,
I don't want to open my eyes,
I know it happened, I don't want come to alive,
The silence of the night rings loud,
Starring at the ceiling,exhausted.


Subbu said...

nothing more to write except.. "NICE"

Karthick said...

Thnx darling..!!

Priyanka Agarwal said...

its aweesome.. dont know why..i was looking for a answer... and this poem satisfied my inner soul...thnks...