Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scary Story..

"I, Me, Myself"..sounds so self centric, I don't know how, I just named the page with the title ,some.. (am counting),ah!! 5 years ago . Seriously baffled,its passed five years since I typed my first alphabets on this page. Ha damn, so many many things have changed since .

There is just one thing that keeps adding to me as years go by , like an archive, "My Fears".

Some of prominent list of things I am scared of/used to be scared of :

1. Darkness - From the days I could remember.(Well,I was scared because I couldn't see anything , Hoof..!! why make big deal out of it)

2. Ghosts- Never seen one,Heard lots of stories from my grandma though.

3. UFOs - Definitely Seen one, Believe me..!!.Watched almost every documentary
available on the subject.We are prepared for your invasion, lets take them on blokes.

4. End of the world - I thought the world would have ended by the year 2000 and I dint even have to give my 10 th std exams :), I am a dreamer, Good luck "2012".

5.Perfect beauty - Beautiful girls scare me . I let the cat out of the bag :),Those perfect slim curvy waists, those Big.. (Ah!! I meant the eyes), those flashy smile, it gets too hot to handle sometimes.

6. Death - Okay..!! Thanks to Steve jobs and his speeches,Dr. Brian Weiss and his books and my two grandpas who passed away in the same year. good deal..!!

7. Humiliation - Ah big daddy of fears for cancerians.Okay..yeah.!! We are sensitive.

8. Bankruptcy - This is my new born baby, It was born ever since I realized, am becoming a hobbyist collecting credit cards .

9 Heights - Why are acrophobic people looked as timid , I Just don't understand the logic behind someone leaning on seventh floor balcony with both the legs in air .That is no way heroic, what are they trying to prove?( you've gotten laid few too many times?)

10. Beak-ups - The solution to this has been long discovered .Just Get Drunk..Man!! Lets go fishing tommorow.

11. Empathy -Ah, Why do I always have to keep wearing others shoes to know how they feel, So many of those shoes just doesn't fit me, my foot's gone sore.

I wrote this post with the fear that, I might just land up with one terrible post for this entire year(Ha Ha..!! Killed this one atleast).

I got to hear a story , a very simple story, heard it long back. It was almost bombarded in our minds in school , with speeches, skits, I remember every word of it.I never knew it had the capacity to scare the shit out of me when I grew bigger.

Am not a patron of biblical stories, somehow this a very scary stories ,atleast it sounds so when I grew big enough to understand it.Nah am not building up a suspense .
Go read it if you haven't " The parable of talents".

The Fear of wasting resources. The price you pay for not multiplying your gains with the resource in hand. And the worst ,the fear of even the little you have being taken away from you, as a result of under-utilizing your assets granted to you .

"The one who has abundant, will be given more, the one who has little, will be taken away the little he has". (Sleeping with a monster under my bed was so much more better).

I keep asking myself, Am I making the best use of what I got? . The answer is always incomprehensible.

I guess Ive grown up , so are my list of fears .

Yup,For now this is ultimate winner in my list of fears . " The essence of parable of talents".